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The War Back Home: The Earth Side of “Infinity”

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 6:44 pm by Tyler Waterman

While much has been made of the fact that Marvel’s upcoming Infinity event is focusing heavily on the space-side of the Marvel Universe, it isn’t the only part of the conflict that’s getting serious attention. While the Avengers are in space, Thanos and his Cull Obsidian have set their sights on Earth, and it’s up to the heroes who’ve been left behind on Earth to ensure the Avengers have somewhere to come home to.

Marvel has unveiled which characters (and therefore comics) will focus on the war back home, and as part of my never-ending crusade to end the confusion that always surrounds crossover events, I’ve compiled all that information into this easy-to-digest breakdown. Now all you have to worry about is reading the stories and paying for comics you wouldn’t normally buy!

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up

  • Doc Ock Spider-Man’s main role in Infinity (other than being part of the new Mighty Avengers) is fiercely defending New York from both Thanos and the aliens invading it
  • In Team-Up, Spider-Man finds himself as an unexpected tutor to a new character with “deep ties to the Marvel Universe”
  • The new hero is having a rough time getting started, so Spider-Man steps in to show him the ropes and may end up surprised with himself as well



  • New writer Charles Soule shed some light on the method behind the madness of the team that will be the focus going forward. Red Hulk convinced the other members of the team to help him based on the promise that he’d help each one of them with something they want as well, and now it’s time to pay up.
  • The first member to get their promise is Frank Castle, who aims the Thunderbolts at one of New York’s most prominent mafia families
  • Needless to say, the events of Infinity throw a wrench in those plans, but Castle won’t be denied
  • The Infinity tie-in will therefore focus on the team’s attempts to both cross New York during an alien invasion, and also to terminate with extreme prejudice these mafia goons, a job that will be much harder as they bunker down to survive the aliens


Fearless Defenders

  • This book will see the team heading to New York to do some, well, fearless defending of the average citizens of the city during the invasion
  • Caroline Le Fay, the main villain of the book and the daughter of Morgan Le Fay and Doctor Doom, will also play a major role. The invasion wasn’t expected by her either, but she has ways to make it work to her advantage.
  • This will all culminate in both the Defenders and Le Fay eventually converging on a different new character, who will be important to both sides and who’s premier will apparently be part of a “dance issue.”



  • It likely goes without saying that Thanos hates Novas, and particularly hates Novas that come from Earth. This is not good news for Sam Alexander.
  • It is important to Thanos that this new Nova be destroyed, but he has bigger things to deal with and can’t take a personal approach. As writer Zeb Wells explains, ““Thanos has big plans for Earth and can’t take the time to kill Sam himself, so he does something even worse. He sends one of his Generals’ psychopathic kids after him. Her name is Kaldera and she is terrifying.”


New Avengers

  • Of all the books that will focus on the Earth-side of InfinityNew Avengers is clearly the most significant
  • One aspect of the book will focus heavily on Black Bolt and his Inhumans, as well as the Blue Area of the Moon that they inhabit; in fact, writer Jonathan Hickman explains that “this group and their mythology is a primary motivator for Thanos’ interest in this region of space.”
  • It wasn’t long ago that Black Bolt and the rest of the Illuminati recreated (and then accidentally destroyed) the Infinity Gauntlet. This did not go unnoticed by Thanos, and he will be addressing it in this book
  • The other important aspect of this book will focus on Tony Stark, who’s convinced the Avengers to let him stay behind to prepare a “worst case response” if they should fail, but who’s actually staying because he knows the Incursions aren’t going to stop just because of Infinity, and that someone has to keep working to stop this life-ending threat that no heroes other than the Illuminati are aware of.


And there you have it, the low-down on what to expect from those who remain on our planet and their desperate attempts to make sure our planet survives. Which of these tie-ins are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!


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