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The Walking Dead: “Welcome to the Tombs” Review [MASSIVE SPOILERS]

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 11:26 pm by Amanda Andonian


Tonight was the season three finale of The Walking Dead, and I thought for sure I would be disappointed in more ways than one. Fortunately, I was wrong. As always, if you haven’t watched the episode and you don’t want it to be spoiled for you, then stop reading! We’re about to delve into “Welcome to the Tombs.”

Last Spoiler Warning!

walking-dead-season-three-finaleThe battle we’ve all been waiting for finally paid off tonight with the Governor going up against the prison in a full-frontal assault, throwing everything he has against Rick and the others. It’s actually kind of scary and impressive how efficient the attack on the prison was, especially considering that the majority of the Woodbury people did not have any combat experience. They dismantled the outer gates and guard towers pretty effectively with a few well-shot rocket launchers, only to find that the prison is empty. It’s not until they get to the tombs that Rick welcomes them with smoke bombs and a full-on counter-attack, complete with walkers.

I was fully expecting that Rick and the gang were long gone, and pleasantly surprised by their surprise attack in the tombs. The fact that they managed to completely rout the Governor despite his superior forces was amazing. Not only that, but the Governor’s little freak out on the way back to Woodbury finally proves that he’s completely off his rocker. Even Martinez was clearly disturbed by the man’s reaction to their defeat, and Martinez is pretty messed up. Even though we as viewers knew the whole time that he was the big baddie, I’m glad that it’s finally out in the open in the reality of the show. Shit’s about to get really real!

the-walking-dead-welcome-to-the-tombsThe finale also set the scene for conflict between Rick and Carl, which I think will be a major focus of the next season. It’s incredibly telling that Carl throws Rick’s decisions back in his face, saying that the only way to survive is to kill. Rick is trying to raise his son with the same set of morals that applied to the world before, but Carl’s young mind has already been shaped and molded by the circumstances that they’re living in. While it might be difficult for Rick to accept Carl’s reasoning, his son isn’t entirely wrong given what’s happened in the past.

This conflict between Rick and Carl is telling also because of the fact that Rick doesn’t see Lori anymore at the end of the episode. Carl might fully disagree with Rick’s decisions and end up rebelling down the lone, but his father has come to terms with the demons that have been following him since Lori’s death. Whether or not the survivors from Woodbury end up being a liability, the weight of responsibility upon Rick is resting easier than it did before, and he obviously feels deep down that he’s making the right call.

walking dead finale andreaOf course, the biggest surprise of the episode was Andrea’s death at the hands of Walker Milton, who turned after the Governor stabbed him in the stomach and locked him in the room with a handcuffed Andrea. As much as I didn’t like Andrea as a character, I have to admit that I teared up when she said her final goodbyes to the others. I never understood her motivations, but when she told them that she just didn’t want anyone to die, things kind of fell in place in my mind. Although her decisions were poorly made in the grand scheme of things, and although she managed to be incredibly annoying at every turn, all Andrea wanted was to stave off more death—she just backed the wrong horse.

Though I haven’t been a huge fan of this season, the finale was touching, exciting, and extremely thought-provoking. Even the last few moments of the episode were poignant, ending with a peaceful melody over a sunny field of walkers, the camera eventually cutting to a shot of a cross in the field. It was a touching and mournful end to the season, but also a little hopeful as well. Unfortunately, I’m sure that it’s only the calm before the storm.

Where did the Governor go? How’s he going to react when he finds out his town is deserted? Is Carl going to rebel against Rick, or will Rick manage to bring back some humanity for him? We’ll see when The Walking Dead comes back in October!

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 16, “Welcome to the Tombs” aired March 31st, 2013 on AMC.

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    • Totally let down by this episode! Ugh…

    • I loved the complete NOTHING that was resolved by this episode.

    • Kstoltz

      It was a massive amount of really crappy writing. This show wants to be equal parts survivor drama and human drama. They're pretty good at the first, but they hit every bad cliche in the book on the second.

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