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The Start of the Epidemic Revealed for The Division

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 5:38 pm by Felix Mui

The Division Delayed

During The Division‘s second showing today since Microsoft’s press conference, Ubisoft decided to show a trailer for the breakdown of New York that the game is set in. As noted before, the epidemic spreads during Black Friday and continues through Christmas before a large portion of the population is dead. With the remaining country in shambles, the city turns for the worst.

The trailer personifies the collapse panning through the city’s landscape before tilting into a window of a child’s bedroom as it documents their demise, soon after the wife becomes depressed and eventually leaves, the husband spirals as well eventually killing himself. The scene turns to the street where cars are left haphazardly and abandoned, emergency response vehicles show up but it’s hopeless, eventually the streets become deserted, a car drives up indicating someone whose found refuge in the abandoned homes, but soon another person comes to vacate the home for their own.

Eventually the Strategic Homeland Division IE: The Division team that the player will play as comes in to stop the original man from being shot by other gangs of criminals. This is the role that the player will play in order to try and restore order to the city, and ultimately the country.

The Division is slated for release in 2015.

We’ll have a full breakdown of more Division coverage later this week!

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