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The Rise in Popularity of Social Gaming

Posted on June 22, 2015 at 10:40 am by Geek Legacy


The rise of social media is a well-documented phenomenon, even if there are some who are suggesting that popular sites such as Facebook may be approaching their saturation point. Although this debate will continue to rage (and become increasingly relevant over the course of the next 18 months), it cannot be denied that Facebook now has an incredible 1.44 billion active users and similar social media sites continue to grow in terms of their popularity. Another key thing to consider is social media’s flexibility and adaptability, which means that it continues to evolve in terms of the features that it offers to users.

Take social gaming, for example, which has become a central feature of social media since it first emerged back in 2007. This concept is embodied by Facebook’s very own Farmville experience, as this created an entire community of gamers who interacted with one another directly through the course of gameplay. Also underpinned by the freemium business model, Farmville was free to access and offered players the flexibility to choose if, when and how they spent their hard-earned money on a daily basis.


This game was soon followed up by CityVille, which followed a similar template while expanding beyond farming and encouraging players to construct, manage and grow an entire city. This was released alongside the enduringly popular Texas Hold ’em poker, which is still accessible to this day and has helped Facebook to tap into the rising trend for mobile gambling. It also followed a freemium infrastructure that enabled players to enjoy games for free, and Texas Hold ‘em poker encouraged excellent levels of interaction while offering individuals the chance to win virtual currency.

With the advent of mobile gaming, social games have become increasingly accessible and also benefitted from improved graphics. The fact that they can now be accessed in real time has also opened up an entirely new genre of gaming, which includes live casino gameplay, certified slots and immersive, free bingo sites.

These trends will continue in the near future, as mobile and social gaming emerges as the pre-eminent platforms within this marketplace. The capacity of cross-platform gaming will also revolutionise this sector of the market, as social experiences become accessible through large television screens and across of host of alternative devices.

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