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The Problem with STAR TREK Transporters

Posted on March 8, 2016 at 1:48 pm by Gerardo Gallegos


Science Fiction is one genre that allows us to create fantasy while still being in the real world. Meaning that even though ‘fiction’ is a big part of science fiction, there could still be nuggets of actual plausible science spread out in these properties. And sometimes those nuggets of truth can come with complications just like inventions and experiments in the real world. For instance, there are some serious troubles with the Transporters from Star Trek.

The Transporter is a teleportation machine what dematerializes a person and “beams” them to a desired location.trek-transporters Pretty straight forward right? You go from one place to another in an instant. In universe, teleportation is described as “the safest way to travel.” But, what if it wasn’t safe a lot. What if I told you that the safest method of transportation in the Star Trek universe has killed A LOT of people?!

YouTuber CGP Grey created a video tackling this exact topic. Grey came to the conclusion that once you step to a transporter you hear a strange sound, see a bright light, and then nothing, utter darkness. The person that went into the transporter is not the same person that comes out. Grey says that every perosn is an arrangement of atoms that thinks its a person and when those atoms get taken apart and rearranged then that person who first steps into the transporter ceases to exist and a creature that thinks it’s you ends up on the other side. This means that there is a massive cycle of rebirth within the Star Trek universe. Multiple people being killed and reborn after every mission. I highly recommend checking out CGP Grey’s video down below. Not only does it discuss that scientific element within this dilemma, but it also delves into the philosophic question of what makes a person a person.

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