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The Never-Ending Surge Of Mobile Gaming

Posted on May 26, 2015 at 10:01 am by Geek Legacy

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It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that consoles ruled the gaming world without any real competition around to deal with. The release of every next generation Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony console was met with high anticipation and utter excitement which saw them fly off the shelves the moment they were released. The games were bigger and better, the technology vastly improved for each new release and the potential grew and grew. But it’s incredible to think that by the year 2018 console gaming and software sales will be absolutely eclipsed by that of the mobile gaming market.

Revenue from the gaming market as a whole is already predicted to leap from $88 billion in 2015 to a massive $110 billion by the year 2018. But in this short 3 year period it’s mobile game revenue that will count towards $45 billion of that astonishing figure. This incredible and rapid increase is mostly due to the fact that smartphone and tablet technology has quite literally helped change the way in which we now play and enjoy games and the console industry is struggling to keep up.

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Accessibility is what has really benefited the mobile gaming market. Console-based games are designed specifically to be played on the platforms that they have been developed for. Gamers looking to play them firstly need to own a compatible console, which of course comes at a cost. Secondly the player needs to seek out and buy the game and typically it will have a fairly substantial price tag attached to it, especially if it’s a popular new release. However, smartphone owners for example have instant access to millions of games and apps at their fingerprints and they can buy them for a sheer fraction of the price of a typical console-based game.

It’s this convenience that means more players have now turned to mobile gaming and which has helped draw in from a whole variety of new gamers, some who may have never even picked up a controller in their lives previous to them buying a smartphone, tablet or other similar device. With the Euro Mobile casino selections that keep growing at an exponential rate along with ‘Games’ being the most dominant category in the IOS App store, the mobile gaming realm is showing no signs of slowing down.

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The console industry needs to evolve and the likes of Nintendo for example have already taken note and appreciate the benefits of expanding to the mobile market in the near future. They are already planning to release 5 new video game titles for smartphones by March 2017 concentrating on quality rather than simply pushing out numerous uninteresting games. The future is yet to be written and we are simply left wondering what the console industry can do to pull itself back into contention.

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