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“The Laws of Gods and Men” Are Not Enough to Stop Tyrion Lannister! Or Are They?

Posted on May 11, 2014 at 10:00 pm by Amanda Andonian

game of thrones season 4

Although it probably goes without saying, there are show spoilers (but not book spoilers) ahead in the following review. Since the cast of characters grows larger and larger every season, I’ve also provided some handy links to background on some of the newest major players if you need a refresher on who’s who, but be aware that those links might include spoilers. For those who have read A Song of Ice and Fire and know what’s coming next, please don’t jump the gun in the comments or pick apart this review based on knowledge of the books. It’s purposely written for those who have not read the books.

Wow, what an episode! It was quite a ride (aside from the first 30 minutes)! No offense to Stannis and Yara (or Asha, as readers of the book know her), the real show-stopper of this week was Tyrion’s trial. Oh, and Danaerys bored the heck out of us, as usual. The whole season has led up to this moment, and it did not disappoint. Well, it disappointed the citizens of King’s Landing, but who cares what they think? In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Laws of Gods of Men,” Stannis appeals to the Iron Bank, Danaerys finds out what it means to be a queen, and Tyrion goes to trial! Also, kudos to Mark Gatiss in his role as a much suffering man who’s smarter than everyone else around him, which he’s very good at playing (for those who didn’t recognize him, he plays Mycroft Holmes in the BBC’s Sherlock).

Final Spoiler Warning

game of thrones season 4

As mentioned previously, Stannis makes a journey to Braavos in order to petition the Iron Bank for a loan so that he may continue his campaign against the Lannisters, who currently sit the Iron Throne. Unfortunately, the Iron Bank does not see much profit in backing Stannis, given the fact that his army is seriously depleted and pretty much the entire world recognizes Tommen as the rightful king of Westeros. All that saves their trip to Braavos are the honeyed words of Sir Davos, who still believes in his king, inexplicably. Stannis gets his gold, and the war shall continue!

Smash cut to Yara/Asha (Yasha?) reading Ramsey Snow’s missive regarding her brother Theon’s captivity and subsequent loss of his “favorite toy” (n.b. his junk). Being iron born, “Yasha” isn’t going to take that insult lying down, so she mounts a rescue mission to free Theon/Reek. Unfortunately, he’s been tortured so thoroughly by Ramsey that he doesn’t even remember who he used to be, refusing to leave with the Greyjoy soldiers. Ramsey “rewards” his loyalty with a bath, and all Game of Thrones viewers everywhere thank their lucky stars that they didn’t have to see him as a newly made Ken doll.

We then travel to Braavos, where Danaerys is trying on her new role as reigning monarch by hearing the petitions of her subjects. Including the poor goatherd (whose flock was entirely eaten by her dragons), Danaerys faces Hizdhar zo Loraq, son of a Master of Meereen, whose father she crucified along with the other Masters. Hizdhar begs Danaerys to allow the citizens of Meereen to follow their funereal rights by taking down the crucified Masters, and she gives in like the soft-hearted softy she is. This is an incredibly boring scene that is unfortunately necessary in order to set the stage for later events. Hizdhar will have his day in the sun next season, so write a note for yourself so you don’t forget who he is.

game of thrones season 4

We then go back to King’s Landing, where all are readying themselves for Tyrion’s trial. In the small council meeting, we not only see that Mace Tyrell is a powerless lackey, but we also find out that Oberyn Martell is now a member. Being in Tywin’s good graces has its perks! Aside from putting a price on the Hound’s head, Tywin’s main order of business is to put a stop to the Targaryen girl, and he sets Varys on the task of doing so. Danaerys better watch her back! Of course, the Lannisters wouldn’t be worried about her if she wasn’t a threat, so maybe she doesn’t have to worry too much. The most interesting conversation is that between Oberyn and Varys, lightly skimming the outside of what Varys’ true motivations are. Of course, we don’t know for sure, but his weighted glance at the Iron Throne is probably indication enough.

Finally, it’s the moment we (mostly I) have been waiting for: Tyrion’s trial! As expected, all the evidence goes against him, but that’s not particularly shocking. Given his proclivity for using sharp words with those who vex him, it’s not in the least bit surprising that there’s a great deal of witness testimony implying that he wanted Jofferey dead. The truly standout moment is when he finally breaks—the moment when Shae takes the stand and spews lies about him, essentially condemning him to die. It’s a moment of extreme betrayal that not only shatters Tyrion’s poise, but also drives him to spit in the face of his accusers (and the very thin life line Jaime tried to throw to him), demanding a trial by combat.

If you recall the last time Tyrion asked for such a thing, you might remember that Bronn served as his champion. Obviously, Jaime can’t be his brother’s champion, so will Bronn step up and serve again? Or will he cut his losses and run? Who’s going to be the Crown’s champion? What exactly is Tyrion thinking? What’s going to happen next?!? I guess we’re just going to have to wait for next week! Tell us what you thought of last night, and share your own speculations for who will serve as Tyrion’s champion!

“The Laws of Gods and Men” – B+

Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men” aired May 11th, 2014 on HBO.

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