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The Hobbit to be a trilogy? – UPDATED

Posted on July 24, 2012 at 10:34 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

What started as an off the cuff remark at San Diego Comic-Con, has turned into a full blown possibility. When asked at comic-con last weekend if there would be an extended edition of the Hobbit films, Peter Jackson joked that he had so much footage he could make a third film. He quickly confirmed that there would indeed be extended editions of both films, and no one gave it another thought.

Fast forward to today, and there are rumblings from New Line that a trilogy is a definite possibility. So let’s take a quick inventory; The Hobbit is a children’s story, it is only 310 pages, and is nowhere near as deep as Lord of the Rings. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But fear not, there is hope. First off nobody knows Middle Earth like Peter Jackson, and he has created such a vivid world that most people, myself included, would pay 10 bucks to watch Gandolf read the ingredients off a cereal box on top of Helm’s Deep. Add to that the fact that when Peter Jackson decided to make The Hobbit he was working from the original text as well as annotations that Tolkien made after he wrote Lord of the Rings. Apparently Tolkien was planning to rewrite The Hobbit in the same scope as LotR, and incorporate a lot of additional elements into the novel. For those of you familiar with The Hobbit, you will remember that Gandolf disappears several times with no explanation of where he was or what he was doing. After writing LotR Tolkien was going to explain that Gandolf was off investigating a series of events that would lead to him discovering that Sauron was returning, and that evil was rising in the south.

At this point it is all rumor and speculation, but I feel that Peter Jackson and his team improved on Lord of the Rings, and I welcome any input they have on The Hobbit. I find the Hobbit a quaint tale, but am not as endeared to it as I am with Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, and think it can be improved upon.

UPDATE-It’s official. It has been confirmed that The Hobbit will be a trilogy.

    • Of course it might just be a money-making ploy, but I'm more than willing to drop another $20 (price adjusted for 3D and inflation) to spend a few more hours in Middle Earth.

    • Brad

      I think the more, the merrier.

    • Snackbar

      As long as it makes The movies better than the book I support it. Even if it is a shameless cash grab.

    • I would probably watch anything in that world. Peter Jackson has done pretty right by LoTR fans, so I would trust him with a Hobbit trilogy.

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