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The Hobbit Official Poster Released Just in Time for SDCC

Posted on July 9, 2012 at 10:29 pm by Amanda Andonian

Peter Jackson released an official poster for the upcoming Hobbit movie on his Facebook page this past weekend, and boy is it gorgeous! It’ll only be available at SDCC, though; so if you want it, you better get your passes! Take a gander.

Hobbit official poster

Click to embiggen.

I was anĀ unrepentantĀ Lord of the Rings fan-girl in high school and college; I *might* even own a life-sized cardboard cutout of Legolas, but I certainly wouldn’t admit to it unless my life depended on it. Maybe not even then. When the DVDs came out, I bought all the extended editions and forced my friends to sit through not one, but TWO viewings of the entire trilogy back to back. Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t feel too badly for me, though; that second viewing got me a new boyfriend!

All that to say that I’m pretty excited for the new movie. Though I don’t see the original trilogy with the same rosy-eyed view that I did ten years ago, and I tend to wince at the sometimes overwrought acting in those movies, that music still stirs something deep within me when I watch the trailers for The Hobbit. I probably won’t be standing in line for the midnight showing since I’m just too old for that $#!+, but I’ll be in a theater somewhere during opening weekend, waiting in anticipation as the screen lights up and that heart-breaking violin solo starts up.

So what do you guys think of The Hobbit official poster? Does it get you fired up for the next installment in Tolkien’s world?

    • Edgyarmo

      I like the dwarfs singing in the trailer. It sounds pretty gnarly and ominous. I'll admit, I just skipped over that crap in the book.

      • Yeah, I'm not so much excited for the singing dwarfs as I am for Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. I can't wait for a trailer with Smaug! I want to see me some dragons!!!

        • I am afraid to see Smaug… if that looks bad the whole film will end up shot. =(

    • Scooter

      I can't wait. Loved reading the book years and years ago and I've been hoping this was going to happen for a long time!

    • If you were at SDCC and didn't go see the Troll set piece you missed out… they were spectacular!

    • Martian

      They were amazing. We all took our pictures with then.

    • They showed what the mountain of treasure in Smaug’s mountain looks like and if that’s any indication, you’ll be pretty happy.

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