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Posted on May 12, 2015 at 9:34 am by Geek Legacy

The final part of Batman’s Endgame has been released by DC Comics and it has come with a whole host of startling surprises, namely by resulting in the surprising demise of both Bruce Wayne and his arch nemesis the Joker. Despite the fact that many fans knew this day was coming and even author Scott Snyder himself has stated that this would not be the last we see of Bruce Wayne it does appear that the battling duo are certainly kaput and Snyder has since confirmed that yes, they are in fact dead.

Of course with Bruce Wayne dead and buried this doesn’t mean the end for the Batman alter ego with a new Batman already being lined up to debut in issue #41. The next edition is set for release on 10th June in the US and the new-look Batman will be without his classic caped look and will instead adopt a new Joker-Batman-animated-seriesarmour plated manga-styled costume.

Batman and the Joker have been fighting it out for over 75 years and even author Snyder has to resign to the fact that death is never really a definitive aspect of a comic book universe. So the big question surely is when can we expect them back? Batman is a multi-million dollar enterprise that has inspired movies and games at 888 Casino and it’s crazy to think that this is really the end. For now following the battling duo’s untimely death under the crumbling roof of the cave we will just have to settle for the forthcoming Batman-based movies that’ll be hitting theatres in 2016.

First up in March the newly crowned Batman star Ben Affleck will be sporting the iconic cowl as he battles man of steel Superman in Zack Synder’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. This lead in movie will ultimately kick off two further movies based on the ‘The Justice League’ which will be released subsequently in the following years. But just a few months after the release of the aforementioned suicide-squad-movie-image-cast-600x480‘Batman v Superman’ feature it will be the turn of the Joker to show off his brand new look.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ will feature a host of supervillains who are recruited by a government agency to help execute dangerous black ops missions. Many characters from the Batman and DC universe will be making an appearance including Killer Croc, Deadshot and the sexy Harley Quinn. But it’s the inclusion of a new look Joker who has been the main talking point so far during the movies production. Oscar winning actor Jared Leto, star of ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ is taking over the role and has since posted some very interesting photos of the iconic villains new look which hasn’t exactly been met with positive response from critics and fans alike.

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