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The Following: “Whips and Regret” Review

Posted on April 3, 2013 at 12:14 pm by Jess Hicks

The other night The Following continued to aggravate me but I must press on for your sake! Please read, laugh and cry with me as we press on through episode 11. As always there will be spoilers ahead!

Alright writers of The Following, I think you are all continually creating the largest and longest running April Fool’s joke ever. Kudos to you for fooling everyone into continually watching your aggravating show!

So let’s break this down:

  • Hardy Is A Child — We start with Hardy being woken up from a drunken stupor by his phone ringing. Who could be calling? Why the FBI’s most wanted escaped serial killer turned cult leader, Joe Carroll! Hardy does the smart thing and keeps him on the phone while writing down everything he says in hopes of maybe getting a clue from about his “big plan.” Hahaha, just kidding. He actually tells him to go to hell and hangs up on him after mere minutes of talking to him. Look, I get Hardy is the rough around the edges, ex-cop but I have to think he has some skills left over. Or at least should know you don’t just hang up on an escaped serial killer!
  • S&M Not That Shocking — The title of this episode was named “Whips and Regret” (I assume after the feelings of all the viewers), after the S&M club the FBI searches. The reason they are searching this club is that they traced some Internet signal used by one of the cultists. So we get to the club and, big surprise, the first girl they talk to is the one they are looking for. She takes off running through the club which leads the agents through a maze of varied S&M acts. To me I thought this was really trying too hard. S&M can be shocking, but what is able to be shown on TV is not. The show has run out of things to shock its audience with, and now they are using overused gags (pun intended).

the following whips and regrets

  • FBI WTF? — Once the agents catch up with the woman, they learn she is not actually working with the cult. The guy who is involved set up her computer for her because she wanted to run an illegal online fetish site. The FBI agrees to give her a deal if she can get this guy to them ASAP. She puts on a wire and they agree on a “safe word” for the FBI to come in and save her if things get out of hand. The guy arrives and everything is going okay until he demands the girl go with him and even points a gun at her head. Even though she says the safe word at least 3 times, the FBI just lets him take her because he could possibly lead them to Carroll. I know they really want to catch him but they just let some crazy person take a civilian in HOPES that he is going back to Carroll? WTF?

the following whips and regrets

  • Sensory Deprivation Makes You A Badass — After letting an innocent girl get kidnapped, the FBI follows the car to an abandoned armory. This is apparently the training center Carroll uses for certain recruits. The agents, unaware this abandoned place is not where Carroll is hiding, organizes a SWAT team to surround the place. Once the kidnapped girl is discovered wearing a wire, they send the team in. While the team is investigating, one of the SWAT members finds a group of people locked in a cell. He radios to Hardy, who is looking through training schedules, and tells him he is going to open the door. He begins bashing the lock open with his gun just as Hardy realizes they are cult members. Hardy radios and tells him not to but it’s too late, he just opened the door. These people have been in sensory (and I assume in food/sleep) deprivation for 2 WEEKS but they manage to take out a fully armed SWAT member. Yes, there are several of them, but the strain from even a flashlight would deeply impair their sight. Not to mention that if they’ve been deprived of everything but water and maybe a small portion of food, they would not be very strong. No way could they overpower and kill someone from SWAT that easily.
  • Claire Realizes She Is Wrong — When Claire gets to Chez Carroll after willingly going with crazy cultists, she realizes that she won’t immediately get to see her son. First she has to make a good impression on Carroll, who is convinced he can “condition” her to love him again. I don’t understand how she thought going to him would make everything better? If anything, it makes things worse because now her son has to see her and Carroll fight, possibly  be punished if Claire doesn’t do what Carroll wants, and will continuously be confused as to whether his dad is a good guy or not. Way to go Claire, you screwed everyone.


  • Does Anyone Really Care About Jacob & Emma? — They continue their argument about whether Emma could have come back to save them, Jacob is now totally willing to kill (apparently killing your lover wipes any fear you had away), and Emma continues to play Jacob while pining over Carroll. But should we care about these people? I mean really, they are serial killers in training! The show wants us to feel bad for Jacob because he lost his innocence but really, he joined a cult created by a serial killer to begin with. There can’t have been too much innocence floating around in his head to start.
Don't make me turn this car around!

Don’t make me turn this car around!

  • Really? Molly? THE WHOLE TIME!? — Yep, apparently Hardy’s ex-girlfriend from years ago was actually involved with Carroll the whole time! Or, at least since he put Carroll in jail. She gives Carroll videos of them having sex, on dates, etc. Why? I have no idea. Even if he wants to show them to Claire to try and make her not love Hardy anymore, that doesn’t really make sense. This happened before she and Hardy got together. I’ve decided that Carroll is actually just in love with Hardy and this is all a very elaborate scheme to show him his love.

And that ends this week’s rant, er, review! Stay tuned next week and see what other shenanigans these crazy kids get into.

The Following Season 1 Episode11, “Whips and Regret” aired April 1st, 2013 on FOX.

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    • Yeah, I rolled my eyes so hard when they did the reveal on Molly. COME ON!

      • Jess Hicks

        It’s just SO ridiculous, I don’t know why they are doing this. There is so much potential here!

    • Jennifer

      I've stopped watching it. I'll just keep up via review, rant, review. 😉

      • Jess Hicks

        I don’t know if I’ll stick with the second season but you can count on me to rant for the next few weeks!

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