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The Following- “The Final Chapter” Review

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 1:52 pm by Jess Hicks

Well well well, here we are at the last episode of season 1 of The Following. I really don’t know why I expected to be happy with it. Perhaps I was just blinded by the joy of it actually being over that I actually tricked myself into thinking it would be a fulfilling end. Sadly, I was mistaken…horribly horribly mistaken. You know the drill, stop reading now if you wish to avoid spoilers.

We pick up right where we left off from last week, the agents are looking for Parker and Joe has taken Claire to his cliched lighthouse. So let’s take a look at “The Final Chapter” in a bit more detail.

Agent Parker:


Last week Parker was captured by some of Carroll’s lackeys and was buried alive out in the woods. Parker was actually one of the few characters I enjoyed so I was kind of sad to see that she was captured. The agents end up getting a phone number when a young boy appears at the police station wearing an Edgar Allen Poe mask. It turns out the number is to a cell phone that has been left with agent Parker. After finding one of the guys who buried her the agents soon are on their way to save her.

Except they make one seriously stupid mistake. Apparently, other people at the police station have been keeping her on the phone to keep her calm…and you know…cause her to run out of air. Why would people who are specially trained in keeping people alive think it would be totally cool to keep a person with limited air talking? Needless to say Ryan and Weston arrive too late and Parker dies.

Joe’s Demise is SUPER Lame:

The Following- Joe

So all season we have been building up to this big meeting between Joe and Ryan, the “perfect” ending. After Parker is found they discover the “Final Chapter” hidden in the coffin and it tells them the address of where Joe and Claire are.

What happened next was probably one of the lamest ending ever. Essentially Joe and Ryan trade off quips at each other until a literal chase ensues. Ryan chases Joe into a shed and then catches it on fire and that’s it. Joe burns to death in a completely boring and uninteresting way. Not to mention, Joe has several lackeys around including Emma and not one of them comes to his aid or tries to catch Ryan. They just all disappear for no reason, except to show up next season I presume.

The Cliffhanger: 

Claire End'

This entire season I have been helplessly trying to figure out where exactly this show is going. I thought maybe they would pull and American Horror Story on us and maybe do a new killer every season. Instead they decided to kill off the serial killer and leave it up to his cultists to finish his work.

This could actually be semi-interesting if we get an in depth look at the cult members. Honestly, I’d prefer a show from the perspective of the cult members. Unfortunately this is a show about Kevin Bacon so that’s not going to happen. Although in the last episode he did get stabbed in the gut and Claire got stabbed in the spine so maybe I’ll get my wish.

Closing Thoughts

I am truly disappointed in this show and I was really looking forward to it. Hopefully next season there will be a bit less goofy writing and a bit more creepy cult activities. Here’s hoping next season will be something totally different and they will finally kill Emma!

    • Finally caught up with the finale; you’re right, it’s totally dumb. At least they did a call back to Molly and she wasn’t totally pointless? Small consolation, though.

      • Jess Hicks

        Idk if I’ll make it through another season lol

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