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The Following- “The End is Near” Review

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 12:52 pm by Jess Hicks

“The End is Near”  is quite possibly the best thing I have seen in this show all season! Well, behind Emma getting slapped anyway. As always stop reading now if you wish to remain unspoiled!

So here we are, the second to last episode of The Following, a show that really has it out for the intelligence of its audience. I will say one thing about this episode though; it was moderately exciting compared to certain earlier episodes. Of course, excitement doesn’t excuse the actions of our characters, does it?

Joe is Really Naïve

The Following- Joe

While suffering from the stab wound and drowning his sorrows in alcohol, Joe decides to break out the home movies again and watch Ryan and Molly…um…interact. After their interaction they start discussing the case and Ryan says something along the lines of “that won’t kill him”, I think, it was kind of hard to hear the crappy video quality sound. Joe then looks absolutely stunned that Ryan is planning to kill him.

Really?? You, a serial killer who had Ryan’s sister abducted along with many other evil things, are surprised that he intends to kill you. I understand he has a huge ego and that probably aids in him thinking he is invincible but it didn’t once occur to you that you more than likely will die?

The Cult

The Following- Joe Bleeding

As I’ve said before, there are entirely too many cult members. It’s completely illogical that not one of them would slip up or try to escape and confess. Well apparently my cries have been heard because when Joe gathers the group for a meeting on the next “chapter” there are a considerable amount of cult members missing, so much so that they are able to gather in a small hallway. I know that a lot of them have been killed throughout the season but when we first got to the house there were at least 60 people there. Not to mention all the outside help that kept coming in.

C’mon Claire! The Neck!


Last episode Claire stabbed Joe in the side which pretty much screwed her over big time. In this episode, after being carted off to hold 2 more innocent people hostage (why?) with Joe she again stabs him in the side. Joe is not doing well from this wound, he pretty much is continuously bleeding the entire episode but he is clearly doing well enough to continue with his plan.

So once Claire can make a move she bashes him over the head with a wine bottle, which was actually pretty awesome, and grabs a fork and stabs him IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT! This is one of those acts the only occur the way they do because if a person actually did the smart thing the show/movie would be over. However, if she had stabbed him in the neck he would have bled out and then someone could be the vengeful villain for the next episode.

Poor Jacob, We Hardly Cared About Thee…

Don't make me turn this car around!

It’s no surprise Jacob would break; they have been setting him up for failure the entire season. He is much too soft and sensitive to be in a cult. So in the last few minutes of this episode he tries to convince Emma to run away with him so they don’t have to die. Of course Emma chooses Joe and slashes Jacob’s throat just like the bitch she is.

The problem with Jacob is that we are supposed to feel bad for him but he really doesn’t do anything to make us want to feel bad for him. Sure, he let Joey go but only after kidnapping him. Jacob could have been a character that we could root for but he never was developed enough to get an emotional attachment to him.

Distractions Upon Distractions

The Following- Evacuation

The entire premise of this episode was to distract the FBI in order for Joe to escape with Claire. The first distraction was sending the cultists out to the local evacuation center (although why were their people there to begin with, I don’t remember a natural disaster happening) to kill people. This was actually an interesting and exciting portion of the episode. We finally got to see the cult members go crazy, and after all that is what they were always meant to do.

The second distraction is the capture of Agent Parker. She is captured and buried alive somewhere in the woods. I assume next week’s finale will be centered on the tough choice of saving Parker or catching Carroll and saving Claire. Which will just make the finale take even longer.

Closing Thoughts & Side Bars

  • Are we just going to forget about Molly then?
  • If Emma doesn’t die a horrible death next week I will be thoroughly displeased.
  • I’m still extremely confused as to what will happen to justify a second season? I mean Joe’s cult is all but dead and he is bleeding out. 

The Following, “The End Is Near”, aired Monday April 22nd, 2013. New episodes every Monday on FOX @ 9/8c.

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