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The Following- “The Curse” Review

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 4:01 pm by Jess Hicks


Another week has started which means another episode of The Following has disgraced my television once again. Check out what I thought after the synopsis and as always watch out for spoilers!

Official Synopsis for “The Curse”:

Ryan and the FBI discover a follower who might be able to lead them to Joe Carroll’s location. Agent Weston returns to the case but his run-in with the cult may have had a bigger impact on him than anyone originally thought. Meanwhile, Claire and Emma come face-to-face for the first time since Joey’s kidnapping.

This episode was actually really slow in regards to well…everything. Not a single thing happened that moved the show forward at all. Let’s break it down!

Ryan Pokes the Bear


We got yet another phone interaction with Ryan and Carroll, it seems our master writer has got a bit of writers block. He is having trouble finding what motivates Ryan so he phones the source and begins prodding him about his father’s death, which was the beginning of Ryan’s “death curse”. Like any sane person they put a trace on Ryan’s phone while he chats with Carroll. However, just when Carroll starts to question him Ryan accuses him of being scared and unraveling which results in Carroll promptly hanging up. WHY????? Why would you ever do that when you know your phone is being traced? Just answers his damn questions so you can find him!

Claire Tries to Escape…Really?


Yes, after giving herself up willingly she is finally reunited with her son (who actually hasn’t said a single word in 3 episodes) and now plans to escape. Her method? She’s just gonna walk on out of this bitch! Yep, she grabs Joey out of bed and promptly starts walking out of the house towards the gate. Of course the gate is locked and the place is surrounded by cultists so she doesn’t make it. At least try and find some car keys to steal, even if you can’t bust through the gate you can probably run a few people over.

You Won’t Like Weston When He’s Angry


Agent Weston (Shawn Ashmore) is back from his medical leave and still looks pretty beat up from the looks of it. Weston seems to have a lot of anger built up towards the cultists that beat the pulp out of him so now he is back with a vengeance. Although he is back the show doesn’t really seem to change with him. Sure, he knocks out a few people and puts Ryan in his place but other than that he serves no purpose other than getting caught by Carroll in an attempt to get answers out of Ryan. So now he will be even angrier and I’m sure this will just cause more unwanted sub-plot.

Ryan Meets Roderick…But Doesn’t Know It?


Okay, this is the biggest thing that bothered me. Weston got the crap beat out of him by Roderick and his gang which led Ryan to saving him. I swear Ryan saw Roderick that night, I thought they even talked? I could be delusional but that doesn’t change the fact that Weston had an artist draw a picture of what Roderick looks like and showed it to everyone. Sure, it doesn’t look EXACTLY like him but it looks pretty damn close. At the end of the episode Roderick is called into the investigation and meets Ryan and the other agents (but not Weston, how convenient) and says he’ll help them. In reality the agents would figure him out in minutes but I’m sure they will find out some way to string this along.

Claire vs. Emma


We know that Emma has a thing for Carroll and now that his ex is back in the picture she seems a bit jealous. So much so that we actually get a girl-fight between the two of them with hair pulling and all! The best part of this episode happened when Claire punched Emma in the face but sadly it was very short lived. Emma runs away and back into the arms of Carroll himself. For a guy who is trying to win his ex’s love back he is doing a piss poor job by sleeping with the help.

Closing Thoughts and Side Bars

  • Ryan should NEVER go check things out, it ends in his heart malfunctioning and people getting away.
  • Why do they keep shooting all the cult members in deadly spots? There have been several unarmed ones that they could have just severely maimed but nope, they kill them.
  • Don’t try to trick me writers of The Following! I know for a fact that Ryan Hardy was getting his dance on in the 80s.

The Following aired on April 8, 2013 on FOX.

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