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The Following- “Havenport” Review

Posted on April 16, 2013 at 12:02 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome back! It seems the gods have looked down friendly upon me and actually gave me a semi-watchable episode of The Following. Stop reading now if you wish to avoid spoilers!

Last night we got a look at just how unstable Joe can really be if he is threatened in any way. There was tension, the police actually executed plans well, and above all Ryan Hardy didn’t ruin everything! Let’s break it down!

Farewell to Roderick

Last week we saw the agents get introduced to Roderick in his sheriff form. You may remember how I was annoyed by this for several reasons; one being that Weston is just conveniently inside the ambulance when Roderick arrives. This week I thought they were going to do that again but I wasn’t pleasantly surprised when Weston actually caught up with Roderick early on in the episode.


Inevitably he does get away at first, which was mildly infuriating, but it allows him to go back to Joe and that opens an entire new can of worms. Joe, obviously, is not happy that Roderick is recognized and proceeds to almost kill him. This was one issue I had because clearly Joe should have just killed him right then and there. The only reason to keep him alive was to move the plot forward and that is just sloppy writing.

Joe & Emma & Emma & Jacob

Will someone just kill her? Please!? For playing such a big role in the first few episodes she has virtually nothing to do with the major plot anymore. She just serves to be in this weird “love” triangle between Claire and Joe. At the beginning Joe tells her she needs to keep an eye on Claire and Joey so nothing can happen to him. They banter back and forth about being “together” and then that’s it. She disappears until half way through the episode until it is convenient for her to come back and be blamed for Roderick capturing Joey.


So now that Joe says he just wants to bang her and not love her she has reverted back to Jacob. And….no one cares because like I said before, these people have no redeeming qualities (except maybe Jacob) so why should I care that they can’t find love?

Ryan Hardy’s Escape Plan

This is one of those moments where Ryan Hardy usually ruins everything and I scream at my TV. Ryan seemingly offers Roderick an off the record deal that if he takes him to where Joey is, he will let him go right then and there. It was at this point where I seriously reconsidered reviewing this show anymore but then something amazing happened…Weston was hiding in the trunk and the FBI/SWAT was actually in on the “deal” the whole time!


Is it a smart plan? No. But it is in the realm of TV possibility and I was glad for it.

They Actually Get Joey Back!

I’m not excited because I love the kid; I’m just excited because I don’t have to hear about it anymore. Too many times have they “almost” had someone or something and by some stupid fluke it gets away. I guess because of all the stupidity I have witnessed from the characters in this show it is much sweeter when things go according to plan.

Joey-The Following

Claire Needs Better Aim

Okay there was bound to be something stupid but this one at least was slightly gratifying. After Joey has been rescued and Roderick has been killed, Joe is less than pleased to say the least. Claire approaches him and tells him she will stay as long as he forgets about Joey. Joe is so stricken with disbelief that his ex-wife is actually making an effort to reconnect with him that he actually lets his guard down and she STABS him.


Sadly, she is a moron and stabs him in the side instead of somewhere dangerous like…I don’t know…the neck. He flips about and has some unnamed minions take her away while he calls Hardy. It seems as though Claire is about to meet her end, or at least that’s what they want us to think.

Closing Thoughts & Side Bars

• Emma to Joe- “What’s wrong with you?” after he smacks her. Well gee, I don’t know, he kills women?
• This show is so close to ending I can taste it! But next week they are going to capture the cult so I don’t really see where this series is going.
• Where is Molly? What was the point in revealing her character if she isn’t going to actually do anything?
• Has Ryan’s heart gotten better?

The Following, “Havenport”, aired Monday April 15th, 2013. New episodes every Monday on FOX @ 9/8c.

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