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The Flash S2 E17: FLASH BACK

Posted on May 3, 2016 at 6:43 pm by Gerardo Gallegos



This weeks episode of The Flash is a time-traveled themed thrill ride! You can kind of think of this episode as a return to form. We got The Flash time-traveling back, space-time ghost, and the return of The Reverse Flash! This is gonna be good so why don’t we dive into “Flash Back”

We open with Barry sulking about letting a deranged meta-human get close to him again, while research how to improve his speed to take on Zoom. Caitlin that the reason that Barry is much slower  than Zoom and the Reverse Flash is because they’re taking long strides when running, thus making them about thirty percent faster than Barry. Caitlin then suggest that maybe Barry will never get as fast as Zoom or The Reverse Flash and he shoots her a menacing look. Not like the prospect of being the slowest speedster in town, Barry gets an idea from Wally to go back in time get information from The Reverse Flash on how to get faster.

Barry runs his plan by the entire team and no one is liking the sound of it. Wells specially calls it “asinine” and reminds Barry of all the dangers of going back in time. Seeing nothing is going to change Barry’s mind, they decide to go through with this insane plan and send Barry back in time. Running through the particle accelerator, Barry opens up a portal  and when the multiverse visualized. All the potential timelines and earths and among them is the face of CBS’s Supergirl. Shared TV universe? Probably. Anyway, in the portal we seen this ghostly figure lunge at Barry an then he pops out at the exact moment when he stopped Hartley Rathaway. Barry realizes that he’s too early. Barry runs in and swoops up the Flash from the past. In Barry trying to sedate his past self we get an awesome Flash vs Flash scene. Barry then knocks himself out and replaces his current white emblem with his old red one.

Please do not let this end like the Saw movies

Please do not let this end like the Saw movies

Now in disguise, Barry takes care of Hartley and locks him away in a meta-human cell. Barry remembers that Hartley escaped from his cell using an explosive earpiece and injuring Cisco, so he alerts the team before he has an time to escape. Barry then asks the old Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne to take a look at his speed equation. Wells agrees but he gives Barry a very curious look. Cut to the police station and we see that ghostly figure again, only this time its tear up Barry’s laboratory. Barry heads back to STAR Labs to try and see if the team can locate this speed ghost of theirs. Wells invites Barry into another and knocks him out. Looks like old Eobard smells something fishy. Barry wakes up in the Time Room and Wells interrogates him to try and get information. Wells reveals that the thing that is tormenting Barry is called a Time Wraith and they attack speedsters who mess with the timeline. Barry then gives away that he’s from the future and how he can manipulate the speed force. During the back and forth between Barry and Thawn, time Time Wriath attacks Cisco, Caitlin, and Hartley. Hartley manages to scare it off with his sound gauntlets and the team continues to try and find a way to get rid of it.

Double Flash Vision

Double Flash Vision

The Barry of this timeline finally wakes up and seeds into STAR Labs looking for future Barry. Now the team is confronted by two Barry Allens and are rightly confused. Future Barry informs them that he’s from the future. To try and get Barry from ruining the timeline any further, Eobard agrees to giving Barry the key to more speed. With the key to running faster, Barry takes off to his own timeline with the Time Wraith hot on his tail. With some help from Past Barry,  Future Barry makes into the portable safely. Barry is immediately attacked by the Time Wraith when he arrives but Hartley steps in and manages to destroy the thing. Barry plugs in the drive and the secrets of speed enhancement are revealed. Now its time to see The Flash get faster.

I bet The Flash wishes Harry Potter was here to help right now

I bet The Flash wishes Harry Potter was here to help right now

“Flash Back” was a really fun episode with serious plot progression and emotional effect. After see Barry contently get left in the dust by other speedsters, I think its finally time to see The Flash run circles around the evil competition.

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