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Posted on April 26, 2016 at 6:38 pm by Gerardo Gallegos



The Flash is back from its mid-season break and it came back hard. A Lady Speedster is causing havoc for The Flash and Central City and new revelations about Zoom are brought up to our characters. Let’s dive into, “Trajectory.”

We start out the episode with Team Flash hanging out by waterfall. Barry is trying reach escape velocity, minimum speed for an object to break away from gravity, by clearing the waterfall so that he can become faster. Unfortunately, Barry doesn’t make it but good thing there’s drones with nets around to catch our speedster. Cut back to STAR Labs and we have tired Team Flash trying to figure out what the next course of action is and we get Cisco suggesting that they should it up a nightclub for some down time.

Got the moves like Cisco!

Got the moves like Cisco!

Flashing lights and loud techno music dot the scene when Cisco and Caitlin hit the dance floor with their funny but interesting dance moves. Jesse excuses herself from the group after the Meta-Human detector strapped to her wrist keeps sounding off because of Barry. In the bathroom stall, she tinkers with the device trying to get off but as she presses something, recording of her father plays where he admits to killing Turtle for Zoom. After we get a nice conversation between Barry and Iris about what their Earth-2 counterparts are doing, a streak of gold makes it way through the club robbing everyone of their money. Barry takes off after the unknown thief but to no avail.

The city thinks that The Flash is behind this seeing as there is no other meta-human with The Flash’s abilities. The paper Iris works for is writing up a whole story about how The Flash has gone from “street to freak” but Iris knows this was not The Flash’s doing. Team Flash is trying to figure out where this new speedster came from and seeing as all breaches are closed an that Barry was the only speedster to come out of the Particle Accelerator explosion, the only logical conclusion that they can come up with is that the drug that gave Jay is powers back temporarily is behind this, Velocity 9.

Cisco’s meta-human alert app goes off and The Flash races off to confront this artificial speedster. Barry gets knocked over and he gets a full view of who this new meta-human is. A lady speedster clad in a red suit. Caitlin reveals that a while back she asked fellow scientist Eliza Harmen for help with Velocity 9. She only gave Eliza a few of the ingredients needed  to make V9 but it seems that Eliza has reverse engineered the formula.

After Eliza denies formulating this speed drug, we cut to her having a conversation with her self. By the looks of

The Shawshank Flash-demption

The Shawshank Flash-demption

things, we have an evil scientist with a split personality. Eliza’s Trajectory personality coaxes her into fueling her speed drug addiction and she heads off for STAR Labs in search of more V9. Cut back to STAR Labs and we get Wells confronting a confused Barry on whether he should take the V9 to become faster. Wells knocks some sense into Barry by telling him, “You lose a chunk of your humanity every time you comprise your values.” Barry smashes the last vile of V9 just when Eliza speeds into STAR Labs and locks The Flash away in one of their meta-human cells. She holds Wells’s daughter hostages and tells our team to make more V9.

Drug Dealer Harrison Wells

Drug Dealer Harrison Wells

Wells makes a new batch of V9 to ensure his daughters safety but to make sure the new batch isn’t laced with anything, Trajectory drugs Jesse. Jesse goes into shock and with a blood transfusion from her father, is stabilized. With Jesse in a healthy state, Team Flash sets out on putting an end to Trajectory. Cut to the evil speedster running laps on a bridge to try and make it collapse. The Flash races in to try and get as man people off the bridge as he can, only to get punched in the by you know who.

The bridge finally collapses and Trajectory sets off to go celebrate but The Flash is not having it. Both make a crash landing and The Flash tries to talk Trajectory over taking the last vile of V9 because of its degenerative effect on her cells. But, in typical bad guy fashion, Trajectory abstains herself from listening to reason and injects the last vile into her system. She taunts The Flash by saying, “How does it feel to know that I am faster than you will ever be?,” and she takes off with familiar blue lightning surrounding her body. Trajectory runs so that she fades into nothing but a blue mist leaving behind her speedster suit.

Don't do superhuman drugs, kids!

Don’t do superhuman drugs, kids!

Witnessing Trajectory’s gruesome death, Team Flash determines that Zoom having blue lightening means he’s dying and the only cure is The Flash’s speed. Putting the pieces together, Barry determines that both Jay and Zoom are the same person, once again leaving having a close friend to the team turn out to be the villain. Cisco grabs Jay’s old helmet and his vibe powers kick in. he sees Zoom in all his menacing glory, take off his make and reveal that Jay Garrick is in fact Zoom.

This episode of The Flash introduced the cool concept of a female speedster. Its a shame that she had to be crazy. I would love to see a speedster team-up, but nothing is impossible on The Flash. Further developments on the Zoom/Jay plot is welcomed, only that I wish he didn’t turn out to be a friend turned villain again like with Reverse Flash. All in all, I’m excited to see what comes next from The Flash.

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