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The Flash S2 E15: ZOOM REVEALED!

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 10:25 am by Gerardo Gallegos



Recently, Season 2 of The Flash has taken us to Earth-2. After spending two episode on the Doppelganger Earth we were left with some staggering questions: Who is the man in the mask?, What are the extent of Cisco’s powers?, and Is Jay Garrick dead?

King Shark seemed to bring up more questions than answers. We’re back to a villain of the week format with the bipedal aquatic killing machine, King Shark. The humor that we’ve come to expect from The Flash is supplemented with heavy moments of guilt from Barry and jealousy from Wally West. We’ve got Cisco struggling to separate his Earth and Earth-2 lives and lastly it was revealed who is behind ZOOM’s mask and villainous claws.

We start out the episode with out characters reflecting on the events of last episode. After seeing Jay get The-Flash-TV-Show-Wally-West (1)yanked through the breach Caitlin says that he “can’t be dead.” She even says, “This isn’t happening again.” Referencing losing her fiance, Ronnie Raymond two times last season. Caitlin cannot catch a break on this show.  Barry wants Wells to open up the breach, but Wells proclaims, “The breaches are closed. All the breaches are closed.” After coming to the realization that their friend might be gone forever, we see Cisco worrying about what Caitlin is going through and what it might TURN her into. Wells steps in and reassures Cisco that this will pass because Caitlin is strong. After that, Wells tells both Barry and Cisco not to inform anybody of their Earth-2 counterparts as to not influence Earth-1’s reality.

Just when we think that things are winding down for Team Flash we get reintroduced to King Shark who is being held in an A.R.G.U.S. aquarium. Anybody catch the Finding Nemo reference? Bonus points if you did! Anyway, King Shark plays dead and has some A.R.G.U.S. guards for dinner before escaping the facility. We then jump over to the West residence where the family is playing a game of stacking cups. More bonus points if you got the Kid Flash references right away. After an awkward family interaction between Barry and Wally we jump over S.T.A.R. Labs and guest Arrow characters, John Diggle and Lyla Michaels enter the scene to inform The Flash that King Shark is on the loose.

king sharkThe Flash sets out find the last metahuman that is hunting him on Zoom’s orders. Barry scours the bodies of water that surround Central City while A.R.G.U.S. looks on land. Barry has no luck, but two A.R.G.U.S. agents find themselves at the wrong end of King Shark’s teeth. Side Note: where did he find a giant pair off pants?

After King Shark does what sharks do best, we jump over to Barry helping Wally out with his entrance project for college. Tension grows between Barry and Wally as Barry gives some harsh criticisms on Wally’s already impressive work. It is after this scene we are presented one of the heavy moments of the episode. Barry obviously has a lot on his mind and his clouded thoughts manifest themselves in wanting to “speed up the process” and make Wally’s project perfect. Wally takes offense to Barry’s comments citing that Barry never does anything wrong because he’s perfect. Wally never met his father and sister until recently so he feels that he was replaced by Barry. But, before things can escalate further, King Shark crashes the party looking for The Flash. Barry suits up and confronts King Shark outside of his house. King Shark takes round one and challenges The Flash to a rematch on his home turf.

After Barry unsuits and comes down to inspect the wreckage, Wally asks him if he was hiding under his bed. IMG_1048Wally takes off after suggesting that Barry is a coward. After Wally’s exit we are treated to another heavy scene this episode. Barry tells Iris that on Earth-2, she was a police officer and Joe was a lounge singer who was killed by a metahuman. Barry breaks down and admits that seeing the copy of his Joe was like seeing the real Joe die. He puts the arrival of Zoom and King Shark, Earth-2 Joe and Jay’s death on his shoulders. The deep character moments mixed in with comedy and go old fashion comic book fun is what has made The Flash so successful and that is exactly what we got in this episode.

Team Flash literally goes fishing for King Shark with a Flash shaped fishing lure that is supposed to sedate him. King Shark takes the bait and The Flash runs off into the water to fight King Shark head on and we get the return of The Flash’s lightning throw and King Shark is incapacitated. King Shark is rounded up and sent back to A.R.G.U.S. Barry then calls a team meeting and tells everyone that they are not done with Earth-2 and Zoom and that Jay’s death will not be in vain.

To end the episode we cut back to Zoom entering his lair with Jay in his arms. It isn’t clear whether he is FullSizeRender (1)dead or not, but we get the man in the mask looking very worried. It is here that Zoom finally unmasks himself to reveal…he is Jay Garrick, Or he at least looks like Jay Garrick/Hunter Zoloman (Jay’s Earth-1 counterpart). This is what I mean by things getting more confusing. If Jay Garrick is from Earth-2 how did Earth-1 Hunter Zoloman get to Earth-2 and become Jay’s nemesis. More questions are raised!

Theory: The man in the mask is Henry Allen judging by how concerned he looked when he saw Jay. On this Earth, Henry isn’t Barry’s father, but he is Jay’s father. The Black Hole opening up at the end of season 1 gave Zoom/Hunter Zoloman his powers and sent him to terrorize Earth-2. This is my theory so feel free to say I am an idiot and I am wrong.

Over all this was a return to form episode that confused audiences even more with the Zoom twist. What do you guys think? Is Barry’s Earth-2 father the man in the mask? Is Hunter Zoloman Zoom or is Jay Garrick Zoom? My head hurts, I’m gonna go kill my Earth-2 self just so things like this don’t happen.

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