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The Burning Scream Factory Review

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 12:24 pm by Jess Hicks

Shout! Factory (aka Scream Factory) is releasing several additions to their awesome collection of Blu-ray’s tomorrow, one being slasher classic The Burning. Lucky for me I got to check it out early and boy was it a great way to get my summer started!

The Burning- Cropsy

I had seen The Burning before but it was some time ago so when I sat down to watch it, it was like I was watching it for the first time again. The Burning tells the story of Cropsy, the disgruntled caretaker of a summer camp. One night some of the campers decide to take revenge on him and scare him while he is sleeping. Unfortunately the joke goes awry and leaves Cropsy burnt to a crisp and hospitalized for 5 years. Once Cropsy is released he finds his way to a new camp to take revenge on unsuspecting kids.

Sure, it sounds like any other slasher/camp movie and it is but isn’t that why we love them? It’s goofy, bloody, and packed full of T&A; all of which makes for a good classic slasher fest. However, there are a few differences between this and other slashers. First, there is only one of The Burning. One major difference is there is no The Burning Part 6: Cropsy Gets Psychic Powers, Goes to Space, Then Fights The Killer From My Bloody Valentine and Somehow is Related to the Survivor From the Last 5 Movies. Not spawning a franchise is what makes some of these lesser known slashers better, in my opinion. As a horror fan I love to see new killers with new weapons and such. It gets old watching the same guy/girl running around for 12 parts.

The Burning Skull

The second difference is that most of these kids in The Burning feel more realistic and likeable than in most other films. There is more of a blend between the kids in this film, sure there is the jock/bully and the skinny dorky guy but there are also a handful of other characters that just seem to blend personality traits. Not everyone is a goodie goodie or a total jerk, they are just kids at camp having fun and getting in trouble. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them getting annihilated by Cropsy any less, I just found I wasn’t rooting for them to get theirs.

And what about those kills? Tom Savini, horror effects master, actually turned down Friday the 13th Part 2 to do this film and I’m happy he did. One of my biggest reasons for loving this genre, and especially this time period, is the use of practical effects. These weren’t the most creative kills in the history of Slasher Cinema but they are still pretty damn enjoyable. Let’s also not forget Cropsy’s make up as a deranged burn victim. It’s not exactly what a burn victim looks like but it is equally as terrifying.

The Burning- Woodstock

The Blu-ray itself comes with the BD and DVD versions along with dual cover art. The special features on this film are very entertaining to watch if you are a fan of the genre. There are several interviews including one with Savini and one with Cropsy himself, Lou David. The Savini interview is probably the most informative and entertaining. You get a look at how exactly the effects were done and you get a little insight on how Savini feels about the Friday the 13th franchise (hint: it isn’t good).

As far as actual quality of the Blu-ray transfer, it’s stunning. Somehow Shout! Factory found the formula to make a movie from 1981 look gorgeous but still keep an 80s look about it. I love Blu-ray but I also like the look of these older films. With Shout! Factory you get the best of both worlds. Order your copy today at Shout! Factory and let us know what you thought of it!

Side Note: Jason Alexander is in this and he has HAIR, lots of it. He is also pretty hilarious.

Movie Rating: B    Blu-ray Rating: A

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