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The Best Indie Games of 2014!

Posted on January 3, 2015 at 9:49 am by Victor Chaves

Every year among the myriad of AAA titles, several games go under the radar and are unnoticed by the general gaming public. Indie titles have the ability to go into subjects or design choices that most more prominent developers refuse to engage in. This list is when those subjects and design choices are done right. In no particular order, these are five the best Indie games of 2014.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch


Games that offer interesting control schemes are far and few between, as the fear of alienating players from the familiar and well-practiced will give any developer pause. However, with the premise of “octopus is a husband and father to a human family and wants to hide that fact”, concern about losing familiarity is out the window. With an entertaining control scheme and well-crafted levels, Octodad: Dadliest Catch also gives a heartfelt story on top of endearing characters.



Does Jazzpunk have a plot? Yes. Does it have a cool art style? Definitely. Good gameplay? For a first-person adventure game, yes. Does any of that matter? No, because Jazzpunk is the only game that is about the jokes. This game is pure exploratory comedy. The setups, the hidden jokes, and the slapstick is fantastic. I played this in the beginning of 2014, and I still think about it to this day. I haven’t played a funnier game ever. Jazzpunk may be the most original game I have played all year, and if you had any mind, you would be playing it too.



Luftrausers was designed to crush controllers. I don’t mean throwing, I mean white-knuckling so hard that the “A” button caves in. I’m talking about a title that makes me say “I got it I got it I got it” when lasering thirty planes on your tail. We’re talking about a game where you can fly into water, and emerge on the other side of a ship with guns screaming for vengeance. This is a game about getting intense, crashing, tuning, and becoming intense all over again.

Freedom Planet


There has never been a better representation of the Sega Genesis gaming era than Freedom Planet. Are you looking for an experience like playing the first three Sonic games? Dynamite Heady? Rocket Knight Adventures? Ristar? Sprinkle a little bit of a Teen Titans story and you’ll have a great new entry in the classic 2-D character platformer genre. The speed, the combat, and the levels all gather to make me start to believe that what made 16-bit era of gaming so awesome is not yet lost.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


It’s amazing how Isaac starts off as nothing more than a crying baby, and an hour later becomes an amalgamation of hell constructed by odd powerups like purses, dolls, and pills. The imagination poured into this game is a testament to how every time you play is different; the dozens of different powerups and abilities all coalesce to a new strategy every time you play, and every demon ability is a new wrinkle in how the player’s gameplay expands. It is impressive how an extremely simple two-stick shooter can have so much to the title that it shows how much design can keep an idea fresh. Enjoy shooting tears on enemies made of poop.

Each game is available on Steam, with most on other platforms.

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