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The 2014 Image EXPO: What’s Next

Posted on January 10, 2014 at 11:36 am by Tyler Waterman

Last night was the 2014 Image EXPO, Image Comic’s major platform to announce what we can expect this year from the indie publishing giant. From the looks of it, 2014 is going to be very similar to 2013: a non-stop wave of new titles, from some of the biggest and brightest names in the comic industry.

Over the course of the night, Image would go on to announce nearly twenty new titles, and while that’s exciting news, it was also a bit difficult to keep track of all the news flying across the internet. But never fear; your ever-diligent Editor of Comics here at Geek Legacy has put together an easy-to-digest breakdown of all the new titles. Print this article, and you can use it as a checklist when you add these new books to your pull list at your local shop! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage done to your wallet and/or marriage when you double your pull list.)

Along with the creative teams and teaser images (when available), I’ve also included brief synopses of these titles. That being said, don’t consider those synopses to be all-encompassing; Image books are always more than meets the eye, and what may sound simple is likely anything but.


The Fade Out


One of the first announcements was that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have both signed five-year “freedom” deals with Image that essentially give them carte blanche approval to create anything they want. Their first project under the new deal? The Fade Out, a 1940’s noir drama that plays to all the strengths of this duo.



James Robinson and Greg Hinkle bring us Airboy, a semi-autobiographical book inspired by the 1940’s comic of the same name.



After World War II, worker’s unions were incredibly prevalent. In the world of C.O.W.L., superpowered heroes also became prevalent at that time, and several formed a superhero union in Chicago. Now it’s the 60’s, and Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel and Rod Reis bring us the story of this union fighting threats, while also fighting to stay relevant in society.

Bitch Planet


The name says it all. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro bring us to an all-female penal planet that is clearly not the friendliest place in the galaxy.



Matt Fraction, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá team up with Michael Chabon to revive Casanova, delighting fans with the announcement of a fourth volume.



8House is an interesting project. Described as a scifi/fantasy miniseries, each issue will team Brandon Graham with one of four other creators in what promises to be an eclectic mix of talents.



Heading under the sea is Low, from Rick Remender and Greg Toccini. The Earth’s surface has been rendered uninhabitable, and humanity has been driven into shielded cities under the sea. Probes have been sent into space to find a new planet, and one has returned with potential hope; this book follows those who must brave to surface to recover it.



Nothing was revealed about Nameless besides this image above and the creative team: Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham. Frankly, what more do you need? I’m already sold.



Buckaroo, Oregon is a small town with the dubious distinction of having produced sixteen serial killers, and an FBI profiler is determined to find out why. But when he gets close to the answers, he disappears, and now Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson bring us the tale of the NSA agent sent to find him, and the newest serial killer that calls Buckaroo home.

Tech Jacket


Hooray, Tech Jacket is back! The fan-favorite armored badass from the Invincible universe is getting another miniseries, with three issues brought to us by Joe Keatinge and Khary Randolph. Hopefully this sells so well that a monthly book isn’t far behind…


No image accompanied the press release for this title, but the description is enough to have me looking forward to it. Bill Willingham and Barry Kitson tell the tale of what happens to our world when magic returns, and how our society comes to terms with everything we thought was legend becoming reality. We can barely handle the internet; I suspect watching us adapt to magic will be a great read.



The second book from Joe Keatinge pairs him with Leila del Dula to answer the question “what would Indiana Jones be like if he existed today?” The answer is Shutter. Set in a world like ours, but where ninjas and goblins and all the other fantastic creatures exist, Kate Kristopher is a retired adventurer forced back into the fray, in what looks like just the quirky book that thrives at Image.

The Wicked and the Divine


Are you like me, saddened by the loss of Marvel’s Young Avengers because the team of Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie was too good to say goodbye to? Say hello to The Wicked and the Divine! This dynamic creative duo is back with a story about gods being resurrected, returned to become our heroes as well as our celebrities. But this time, thirteen gods are coming instead of twelve, and I’m really looking forward to finding out what terrible news that brings with it.



If you thought The Black Mirror was the only time you were going to get the team of Scott Snyder and Jock together, guess again. The two are back together in Wytches, which arrives on the promise that everything we know about witches is wrong. In fact, they’re much, much darker than we ever imagined, and two of the darkest creative minds in comics are about to show us a truth we may have been happier not knowing.



The first of three books coming from Nick Spencer, Paradigms pairs him with Butch Guice to tell us about the world behind our own. Society is the cover for warring sorcerer clans, who wield powerful magic from the shadows and influence the world around us. Ok, Image, I get it… I should really start getting worried about secret magic users!


There was no image to go along with the second Spencer book, but telling me he’s teaming with Frazier Irving to tell the story of the last of Earth’s humans trying to survive on a distant planet is enough to hook my interest for sure.

Great Beyond


The last of the Spencer books definitely has the most unique premise. In Great Beyond, Spencer teams up with Morgan Jeske to spin a depressing take on the afterlife… unless you’re rich, of course. Just like life, your standing in death is also measured by your bank account, and I for one can’t wait to see how terrible Heaven can really be.


And there you have it, a killer lineup from Image! There’s a ton to look forward to in the coming year, and it’s safe to assume that there will be plenty more on top of these as well. Let us know below what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re going to avoid like the plague, and everything in between!

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