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Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT Will Start Filming in January; Set To Be the Widest 70mm Release in 20 Years

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 9:45 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


I was bummed but understood when Quentin Tarantino decided to put The Hateful Eight on hold after the script was leaked.  It was his property, it wasn’t ready for public consumption, and it tainted the process.  But I’m stoked he decided to pick it back up and that it’s set for release next year.  According to Empire, Tarantino will begin filming in January, which means in all likelihood we’ll know the final cast before the end of 2014.  The full cast has yet to be announced, but Empire confirms Kurt Russell, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Walton Goggins, and Samuel L. Jackson are attached; there’s also the possibility Jennifer Lawrence could come on board.

Executive producer Harvey Weinstein tells Empire that The Hateful Eight will receive “the widest 70mm release for over 20 years”.  For those who don’t know what 70mm means, it refers to the film gauge and represents a wide, high-resolution image.  The reason we don’t get very many 70mm movies is that in addition to being expensive, theaters have a difficult time with projecting them.  But the payoff can be incredible, and I hope that when the film is released, audiences appreciate it.

However, keep in mind that just because Weinstein says the movie will receive the widest 70mm release in over twenty years, that doesn’t mean it will go to all theaters.  If you ignore movies like The Dark Knight, which sporadically included 70mm footage, then the only recent, true 70mm movies include The Master, Samsara, Baraka, and Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet.


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