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Take a Look at Hot Toys 18-Foot Long Millennium Falcon

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 9:49 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


If you love Star Wars, have an enormous house, and a bank account with a surplus of zeroes, you might want to get ready to drop some cash. That’s because at Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong (ACGHK), which is essentially Hong Kong Comic-Con, Hot Toys has unveiled an 18-foot long sixth scale Millennium Falcon! If you thought the sixth scale Millennium Falcon Cockpit that Hot Toys revealed at Sideshow’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con was cool, this is them dropping the mic, walking offstage, and hitting the hyperdrive.

While Hot Toys has not announced a price or even if it will be for sale, I’m just excited that collectibles of this size are being produced. Because if Hot Toys is willing to make a sixth scale Millennium Falcon, you have to wonder what else they might produce? After all, Hot Toys has a number of licenses like Marvel, DC, Batman, Transformers, and Back to the Future. If they discover large- scale, high end collectibles are in demand and profitable to create, you never know what the future holds. Could we see a sixth scale X-Wing? What about a sixth scale Tumbler from The Dark Knight? Personally I won’t be happy till I see a sixth scale AT-AT.

Check out a few pics of the 18-foot long sixth scale Millennium Falcon below courtesy of Sideshow.

hot-toys-millennium-falcon-image-18-foot-long-sixth-scale-6-600x472hot-toys-millennium-falcon-image-18-foot-long-sixth-scale-2-600x338 hot-toys-millennium-falcon-image-18-foot-long-sixth-scale-1-600x338 hot-toys-millennium-falcon-image-18-foot-long-sixth-scale-4-600x470 hot-toys-millennium-falcon-image-18-foot-long-sixth-scale-5-600x473-2

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