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Dead by Daylight Available for Pre-Order

Posted on 24 April 2016 by Justin Cavender

Starbreeze Studios and Behaviour Digital have come together to bring you Dead by Daylight, the creepy 4v1 action-horror game for […] Continue Reading

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Umbrella Corps

Umbrella Corps Announcement Trailer

Posted on 15 September 2015 by Justin Cavender

Capcom is bringing us more Resident Evil action, but this time in the form of a competitive shooter with Umbrella […] Continue Reading

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Geek Legacy Podcast Episode 157: Goodbye Wes Craven

Posted on 01 September 2015 by Justin Cavender

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Geek Legacy Podcast. Here we chat about what’s happening in the world of […] Continue Reading

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‘GODDESS OF LOVE’ Stylishly Falls Into Tired Storytelling

Posted on 30 August 2015 by Jess Hicks

Venus (Alexis Kendra), an artistic soul who strips to make ends meet, meets the man of her dreams one night […] Continue Reading

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DOOM – E3 2015 Teaser

Posted on 18 May 2015 by Justin Cavender

Bethesda Softworks has finally revealed in-game footage for their upcoming release of Doom. Of course this is a sneak peek […] Continue Reading

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Resident Evil is Capcom’s Fastest Selling Digital Title

Posted on 09 February 2015 by Justin Cavender

Today Capcom announced its recently released Resident Evil (January 20) has become their fastest selling digital title in history. Additionally, […] Continue Reading

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Resident Evil Sale

Resident Evil Sale on the PlayStation Store Ends Tomorrow

Posted on 09 February 2015 by Justin Cavender

Those of you that need more zombies in your life should act fast as the Resident Evil Sale currently featured […] Continue Reading

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Surprisingly, There Are 10 Things That Troll 2 Did Well

Posted on 07 February 2015 by Nathan Tolle

As much as I love Plan 9 from Outer Space, Manos the Hands of Fate, and The Room, there can […] Continue Reading

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Kholat Trailer Gives us the Willies

Posted on 02 February 2015 by Justin Cavender

Polish Indie developer, IMGN.PRO, released a new Kholat trailer today and it certainly made our skin crawl. The trailer itself […] Continue Reading

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Things Get Messy in the Dying Light Launch Trailer

Posted on 27 January 2015 by Justin Cavender

Techland gets us warmed up with the Dying Light launch trailer as the game hit shelves today for your zombie […] Continue Reading

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