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Taeter City Review

Posted on May 23, 2013 at 11:10 am by Jess Hicks

Taeter City posterA funny thing happened when I reached out to the folks at Necrostorm about reviewing their movie for our website. They asked me if I were sure it would fit in because of how violent and gory it is. To that I said: Challenge accepted! And boy they weren’t kidding! I’m a huge fan of splatter/gore films but not everyone is so I will start this review by saying if you are squeamish, stay away.


Taeter City is set in a futuristic land governed by “The Authority” who essentially controls everything, a dicTAETERship, if you will. The city’s main source of business comes from the Taeter Burger fast food chain. Something is different with these burgers however, these burgers are not your regular beef or turkey burgers. They are made from criminals and psychos who, instead of going to prison and costing the city millions of dollars, become food for the law abiding citizens. After one would-be burger gets away all hell breaks loose and members of The Authority have to fight for their lives.

Taeter City Head Squish

Basically we have a bit of a mesh of Soylent Green meets RoboCop with a little Judge Dredd thrown in the mix and slathered with buckets of gore on top. For me the best part of this film was being able to see how much the creators really enjoyed making this film. It oozes out of the screen. Even during scenes of horrible death you can tell the actors were loving every minute of it. To me this is one of the most important parts of making an independent movie. If the creators don’t care about it then why should the audience?

Though this film does seem to have a lot in common with the films i mentioned it above by no means am I implying it is a rip off. Taeter City is clearly an homage to films that the filmmakers enjoy and strive to make while also putting their own spin on things. One question that arises from this film is whether or not it is correct to assume someone is going to be a criminal based on certain things. For example the scientists in this film do brain scans on potential meals and if they show any sort of similarity in brain patterns/shapes with certified criminals they are executed before it can happen.

Taeter City Chart

Taeter City makes you think about the rights and wrongs in how society deals with its criminals. Personally, I could definitely see people being okay with eating criminals (not me of course) as the ultimate punishment. I don’t think this film is all that outlandish when it comes to predicting human nature. Overall, I enjoyed this gore fest and I look forward to seeing what the folks at Necrostorm have in store for us!

Film Raiting: B-

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