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Supernatural Season 10 Premiere, “Black” – Everything We Love About the Winchesters and More

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 6:00 am by Amanda Andonian


Your favorite monster hunters are back for a tenth season! Sam and Dean Winchester are back at it again, traversing middle America, drinking tons of booze, and generally getting themselves into a lot of trouble. The Winchester brothers may not be driving in the same car anymore, but old habits die hard, and neither one seems particularly interested in breaking out of those habits. That’s fine by me! I love this show best when Sam is being Sam, and Dean is being Dean; and we get plenty of that in the premiere episode of Supernatural, “Black.”

If you prefer seeing Sam and Dean together, you’ll be disappointed by the premiere. Personally, I’m totally fine with it. I’ve made no bones about it on the podcast that I’m sick of listening to the two of them fight like an old married couple that doesn’t even like each other. They’re all each other has, and yet neither one of them can manage being honest with the other, which just results in them fighting constantly until they can’t stand being in the same room together anymore. So the longer the show keeps them apart, the less pointless fighting there will be!

Spoilers Ahead!


In case you missed the bulletin last season, Dean is (mostly?) a demon now. By taking on the Mark of Cain and using the First Blade to kill Abbadon, he’s essentially given up his soul, and he’s only hanging on to his last shreds of humanity by the skin of his teeth. Most of the time, it doesn’t even seem like he cares about what may or may not happen with his soul—just happy to be traveling the country with Crowley like they’re the stars of a buddy road-trip movie. They drink, they sing karaoke, and Dean bangs a hot waitress then beats up a demon or two. Sounds like the perfect vacation for a Winchester who’s recently lost his soul.

Of course, Crowley has his own motives, though I imagine those are more along the lines of, “How can this situation be best used to my advantage?” variety. He wants to use Dean for his own purposes, and I sincerely doubt that they’re particularly virtuous ones. Now that Abaddon is gone, he’s the King of Hell again, so I’m not entirely sure what he needs Dean for anymore, but he makes it clear that bonding with Dean is not exactly something he’s doing out of the goodness of his heart. What I really want to know is: has Crowley given up his human blood addiction? He was pretty far gone last seasons, shooting it the stuff up and sobbing constantly. Will he finally get his own soul back?


As always, Castiel has more angel problems than he can handle. First off, he’s dying because he lost his grace to Metatron, and now he’s living on borrowed time because he refuses to take another angel’s grace in order to save himself. Poor guy just wants to do good in the world, and he just gets kicked again and again. Sam doesn’t want him around since he’s a bit of liability, so it’s no wonder that Cass jumps at the opportunity to help out Hannah when she begs for his assistance in tracking down rogue angels who refuse to come back to Heaven.

I really don’t understand what the deal is with angels and their determination to make sure everyone falls in line, and I definitely don’t understand why they’re still so clueless about humanity and feelings. You’d think they would have learned a thing or two by now and leave well enough alone. But nope, they’re obsessed with making sure every single angel does the exact same thing, and Castiel just gets caught in the middle. During his interactions with the other angels, it’s obvious that he’s becoming more human, sympathizing with the rogue angels who want their freedom and to be left alone. Doesn’t seem like a huge request, right? Wrong, according to Hannah and the others. Looks like Castiel is going to be stuck fighting angel wars again.


Who the heck is this guy?

Finally, there’s Sam, who gets himself kidnapped by some guy who has it out for Dean. Since I recently binge watched all nine seasons in a couple months, I’m reasonably sure I’ve never seen this guy, so it seems that there’s a mysterious enemy from Dean’s past that the Winchesters are going to have to deal with, specifically Sam at the moment. Who knows what Dean did to piss this guy off, but it’s probably something dumb like accidentally killed the guy’s brother, or knocked up his sister. I was pretty annoyed that the episode left off where it did, on such an up-in-the-air note. I want to know what this guy’s deal is! Guess we’ll have to wait til next week to find out.

“Black” – B

Supernatural, Season 10 Episode 1, “Black,” aired October 7th, 2014 on the CW.

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