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Superior Spider-Week Concludes With a Team-Up

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 5:55 am by Tyler Waterman

Let me tell you something about me: I freaking love team-up books. A+X and Avenging Spider-Man are always two of my favorite books each month, and the different Captain America and… books were some of my favorite Cap titles to come out in a long time. So no one was more excited than me to discover that the last reveal of Superior Spider-Week was exactly that! Starting this July, writer Chris Yost and artist David Lopez come together to bring us Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, matching our mind-swapped webhead with other heroes across the entire Marvel Universe. Even better, it sounds like this creative team understands what makes a great team-up book, promising that SSMTU will pair Spidey with unexpected partners against equally unexpected villains.

Below is the first cover; if you need me, I’ll be counting the days until July!



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