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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: Thoughts on the Demo

Posted on September 13, 2014 at 8:06 pm by Victor Chaves

Super Smash Bros 3DS

I got my hands on the special demo for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (yes, that is the full title) and after a night with it, I can say without question that the full-title is going to be ridiculously fun. The way to get this special demo was to be a Platinum level Club Nintendo member for the past year, had registered a 3DS product on your account, signed up for a newsletter, and sacrificed a chicken to Satoru Iwata. That last one was a lie, but I can tell that there were a lot of specific things you had to have in order to qualify, to the point where even I who fulfilled all those qualifications (sans chicken sacrifice) still didn’t get a code, I had to ask someone else for one.

As far as the demo is concerned, it’s quite limited. You have your choice between Mario, Link, Pikachu, Villager, and Megaman, with Battlefield being the only stage to choose from (with an option for Omega version, which makes any level Final Destination). You can have four players each with their own demo play against each other, or have the CPU take you on with the classic difficulty range of Level 1 to Level 9. Matches are fastened at 2 minutes per round, with what I assume is a choice selection of items. I say “choice selection” because I see the same items in matches several times.


Gameplay is pretty much the exact same, knock other fighters off the stage using your attacks. There have been a few tweaks to characters here and there compared to previous iterations, such as Pikachu’s Down+B Thunder Attack taking up less area, and Link’s dash attack is an over-the-head swing. Even with these changes, the returning fighters (Link, Mario, and Pikachu) in the demo haven’t significantly changed. Megaman and Villager on the other hand are fantastic to play with, but more on that later. If I were to have one complaint about the demo is that there is no way to change controls, as I had a really hard time adjusting using L for grabbing instead of blocking and dodging, like in Brawl or Melee. Older players will also probably be indecisive on the button layout on the right side of the controller, as this will likely be the first Smash game they will have played without a Gamecube controller. I hear the full product will have customizable controls, so I wouldn’t carry this criticism when the game is released.

The two new characters that are included in the demo are a hoot to jam with. Megaman is a blast to play as, where his smashes feel strong as well as his directional attacks feel great to use. He isn’t floaty in the least bit, and in an interesting way, feels a lot like his NES self. His specials involve a high-jump with Rush, a Crash Bomb, a spinning blade, and a Leaf Shield. These seem good for specific moments, and can offer some interesting situations, like how the Crash Bomb attaches to a player and is passed around so much that it becomes an explosive hot potato.


The other character, Villager, feels like a very technical character where in order to succeed, you need to trap players in interesting ways; he (or she, depending on the skin you choose!) has a Down+B move where a seed is planted, and on repeated presses will water the seed to grow into a tree, and further on will cut down the tree to deal massive damage to another player. This move takes so long to become an attack that it can only be imagined as a move that needs to be planned out and timed, which makes sense to the character as his Neutral+B move stores projectiles and items for later use, and his Down+A smash attack stops and traps players temporarily.

If you can get your hands on this demo, I suggest you play a fair amount, as coins you get from battles transfer over to the full-game. I had a lot of fun with the demo, however instead of placating me until October 3rd, I now have a maddening desire to play the full version. I guess for now, I’ll just practice Villager and Megaman against three other level 9 CPU characters for ten hours.

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