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SUPER MARIO RUN Trailer Reveals Gameplay and a Release Date

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 3:09 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

super-mario-run-game-slice-600x200Nintendo is poised for some big, exciting things in 2017, but they’re not quitting on 2016 just yet. The biggest news for the gaming company was set squarely in the world of Pokemon thanks to the mobile game Pokemon Go sweeping the globe earlier this year, and with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon recently being released. Then there was the release trailer for the company’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. While a new Zelda game was teased in that trailer–the anticipated “Breath of the Wild”–a new Super Mario game was also glimpsed. We don’t have any news on a console version of the company’s iconic plumber just yet, but we do have solid looks at Nintendo’s newest mobile game.

Super Mario Run aims to bring the title character to the mobile platform in a new side-scrolling game that takes advantage of Mario’s superior jumping ability. A live-action teaser trailer was released to announce the game, but the gameplay trailer that was more recently released gives fans a fantastic look at how the new game will work. It’ll take some getting used to for those of us who grew up with Mario by using the hard-edged, rectangular controllers of the original NES, but today’s players of point-and-click mobile games should have no issues with it.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Super Mario Run here:

A new Mario game you can play with one hand! On December 15 of 2016, Mario jumps into a new adventure on iPhone and iPad.
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