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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Announced for Nintendo Switch; Trailer Released

Posted on January 12, 2017 at 10:29 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

super-mario-odyssey-sliceThe Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 has made some big announcements regarding the Nintendo Switch’s launch price of $299 USD and the console’s actual release date, which will be on March 3, 2017. The fact that Nintendo chose to begin the conference with these bombshell announcements made gamers begin to believe that there was something bigger waiting in the wings, and as it turns out, Nintendo delivered in a big way.

Nintendo revealed that there is a brand new, open-world sandbox Super Mario title coming to the Nintendo Switch, and the game will be called Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo revealed the game to the world with a trailer that showcased Mario navigating city streets and real-world landmarks, as everyone’s favorite plumber hopped onto taxis and swung on streetlight posts on his way to collecting coins and smashing blocks.

Those hoping that a Mario game would be available at launch, however, will find themselves disappointed, as Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Odyssey wouldn’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch until the holiday season of 2017. It’s also unclear on how the new Super Mario game might factor in to some of Nintendo’s other big announcements made earlier in the presentation, such as the new direction of the company’s online services – Nintendo will have a paid online service later in 2017, and that approach could mean there will be some exciting Super Mario multiplayer in Nintendo fans’ futures.

The game also featured a new mechanic that wasn’t quite explained, but should have gamers very interested. Mario’s trademark cap has gotten an upgrade in Super Mario Odyssey, as the red hat now features a set of eyes that will presumably help a baffled Mario navigate busy city streets, which present a number of new challenges. For a plumber who is used to strolling through castles infested with lava and kidnapped princesses, the existence of cars and fully-grown adult people must be quite the surprise.

While there aren’t many details yet, expect Super Mario Odyssey to be one of the most talked about games of 2017. The Mario franchise is a juggernaut for a reason, and it looks like Super Mario Run was merely a small tease for what should be Mario‘s biggest game in nearly a decade.

Super Mario Odyssey will be available for the Nintendo Switch sometime during the holiday season of 2017.


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