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Steven Soderbergh Re-Cut Raiders Of The Lost Ark In B&W And It Looks Great

Posted on September 22, 2014 at 12:55 pm by Jess Hicks

Re-cuts of classic movies are no rarity among the digital age, in fact there are websites dedicated to re-cutting Star Wars. Though, there is something sort of equalizing when a well known name in the business essentially makes a “fan video” of one of the most well known films of all time. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is probably the most beloved by fans of the series, we even had a debate about it  awhile back. Though my heart lies with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (oh shut up) I still really enjoy Raiders. Who doesn’t love melting Nazi faces?

Steven Soderbergh (The Knick, Magic Mike, etc) has re-cut a black and white version of Raiders and if that isn’t interesting enough he decided to make it silent and added some really groovy music from The Social Network. You can watch the whole thing here  and I highly recommend it even though I have only watched a small portion. Upon reading about it I wondered if maybe this is the future of remakes? Just adding, or in this case taking away, something of the original piece but still leaving what we loved in it?

What do you think?


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