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Starship Troopers 15 Year Anniversary

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 9:17 pm by Justin Cavender

Today marks the 15 year anniversary for the theatrical release of Starship Troopers (1997). It’s possible this means absolutely nothing to you, but as a fan of sci-fi and graphic violence, Starship Troopers ranks pretty high on my list. I actually remember going to Wendy’s after the movie finished and ordering a #6 combo (spicy chicken sandwich).

Starship Troopers was directed by Paul Verhoeven and he is no stranger to graphic violence. Robocop and Total Recall are prime examples of super violent flicks with very disturbing scenes. Remember when the ED209 shoots the executive 600 times in the conference room? Or what about when Clarence Boddicker and his goons unload their clips on Officer Murphy, and that’s after they blow his hand off. You get the idea.

Starship Troopers features the amazing acting talents of Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Jake Busey, Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Ironside, and Clancy Brown. Just typing those names brought a smile to my face. The film takes place in the future and the world is governed by the Federation. An alien bug race known as the Arachnids sends a large meteor to earth killing millions. Now they must go to war and the fight for the survival of the Human race has begun.

During the 129 minute runtime you will see epic space battles, explosions, death, and dismemberment. Sounds like a bucket of fun doesn’t it? There were countless moments when I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Did that guy just get ripped in half? Yuuuuup! At the same time I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. The film kept me smiling and entertained from start to finish.

A few of the major themes in the film are politics, military propaganda, fear, and hate. Some of the funniest moments are newsreels highlighting the continued war effort and what citizens of the Federation can do to help. For example, there is a scene where kids want to do their part and they stomp on tiny bugs. Another scene shows children excited to play with guns while hanging out with military troops. Each commercial or newsreel serves as a recruiting tool to help citizens and civilians enlist. War never seemed so fun and exciting.

I never read the book but I’m aware of the complaints it received at the time it was published. Some readers took it as one long recruitment poster that glorified war. I always thought the film was a satire of war times. Either way, it’s a awesome movie and if you love sci-fi or action films, you should definitely check it out.

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    • "Would you like to know more?" I love it! The fist Starship Troopers movie was so badass, and I was hopeful for the sequels. The 2nd one was made for about $5, and the effects were abyssmal. The 3rd one saw the return of Johnny Rico, and while the effects weren't up to par with the original, it was far superior to the 2nd offering. Rico's Roughnecks!

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