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“Starlight” Collection to Release in February

Posted on January 15, 2015 at 11:53 am by Tyler Waterman

I’m a big fan of Mark Millar. Honestly, I can’t really think of anything he’s written that I didn’t like, and that’s a rare distinction in comics! That being said, Starlight may be my absolute favorite series he’s done yet. Filled with moments that make you cheer, cry, or somewhere in between, the book is an absolute stunner from start to finish. If you missed out on this book, Image has announced the details for the trade collecting the entire tale. Check out the details below, and be sure to grab it as soon as it hits shelves!

Image Comics graphic novel imbued with wonder


Forty years ago, Air Force test pilot Duke McQueen saved the universe. Then he came home from a splendorous alien world, married his best girl, settled down, had two sons, and grew old. His stories of his journey across galaxies became the subject of whispered ridicule. But in STARLIGHT, the Image Comics graphic novel by superstar comics writer Mark Millar (JUPITER’S LEGACY, Kick-Ass) and artist Goran Parlov, Duke — alone after his sons leave home and his wife dies — gets a message from space: the Universe needs a hero again.

A sweeping science fiction epic, STARLIGHT features Millar’s most heartfelt storytelling to date, while Parlov depicts with equal skill a dazzling alien planet and and old man’s loneliness with his gorgeous, Moebius-esque art. Duke is returning to Tantalus a legendary hero, but is he still the man he was forty years ago?

“The whole character just seemed to pour out the moment I started writing him,” said Millar of Duke in an interview on Image Comics’ website, “and I found myself really caring about him. His life is like any of our father’s or grandfather’s, except for this one amazing thing that happened forty years ago, and so as the first issue closes and he gets a chance to go back we’re really with him on that journey.”

A must-read for anyone who wants their sci-fi to have a sense of wonder, STARLIGHT will be in comic book stores on February 11 and in bookstores on February 24. It is available for pre-order now. It is currently in development at Fox as a feature film.


STARLIGHT by Mark Millar and Goran Parlov (colors by Ive Svorcina), cover by John Cassaday
ISBN 978-1-63215-017-2
Diamond Comic order code DEC140693
168 pages, paperback, color
Collects STARLIGHT #1-6
Rated Teen Plus
In comic book stores February 11, bookstores February 24

Praise for STARLIGHT:

“Millar and Parlov have succeeded in telling this adventure story by understanding the genre and what makes it work, not by attempting to reinvent or subvert it. The heroes are heroic and the villains are villainous. The action is exciting and the emotions are sentimental…. Rather than pointing out the farcical nature of science fiction pulps, Millar and Parlov embrace what is great about Starlight’s influences.” –Chase Magnett,

“Eschewing fake cynicism and the compulsion to sell comics by scandalizing his reader, he focuses on telling a good story about youth and age, second chances, and the great adventure of life.” –John Parker, Comics Alliance

“Starlight is a joy in every sense of the word, as is the collaboration between Miller and Parlov.” –Jeff Lake, IGN

“It’s the rare book that knows its responsibility to its audience is to inspire as well as entertain.” –Gavin Rehfeldt, Doom Rocket

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