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Star Trek TNG on Blu-Ray is Finally Here!

Posted on July 31, 2012 at 2:07 pm by Amanda Andonian

Holy crap you guys, I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard about it last year. Here’s the Pinterest pin to prove it. Now, my dream is FINALLY a reality! Season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation came out last week on Blu-ray, and I could not be more giddy with excitement. At a suggested retail price of $130, it’ll definitely leave a hole in your wallet. Fortunately, Amazon and Best Buy almost always have these things at a discounted rate, but the price of nearly $80 on Amazon right now is still a bit steep for a poor 20-something like myself.

I did buy the sampler of TNG on Blu-ray, “The Next Level,” that came out in January, and it looks pretty amazing. The colors are incredible and the ability to see even more of the detail in costumes and makeup makes the series seem even more alive than it did before. Check out this clip that CBS previewed at Comic Con regarding the remastering:

And here’s the original trailer that they released several months ago:

The only real disappointment for me is that there’s no way to make these episodes in widescreen. I know it’s impossible since the series was filmed on actual film, before anyone had any inkling of where the technology was headed, and that the 4:3 aspect ratio is pretty much locked in, but that doesn’t stop me regretting the fact that it can’t be seen in widescreen. Being so accustomed to watching things on my huge HDTV, it’s a little jarring to see those black bars on either side, but after watching it on Netflix constantly for the past couple of weeks, I’m getting myself accustomed to the bars so that I can fully enjoy the experience of watching TNG in high-def.

One technical issue with the Blu-ray that should be noted is that there’s apparently an issue with the audio that results in the dialog moving up to the front surrounds. Fortunately, CBS has setup a replacement program, so all you have to do is contact them and present the code on the inner rings of the discs to get replacements. From their press release:

We have discovered an anomaly in the English 7.1 DTS Master Audio track in our Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray Box set. There are some episodes that inadvertently had their front channel designations incorrectly mapped, resulting in an undesired playback experience when listening to them in a 7.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound environment.

We are quickly working to remedy the situation. Replacement discs (Disc 1, 3 and 4) will be made available free of charge. Please email for details regarding the replacement program. You may also call 877-DELUXE6 (877-335-8936) between 8am to 6pm Pacific, Monday-Friday.

We strive to provide our fans the best Blu-ray experience possible and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Although season one is not the greatest of the seasons (but what show, besides Firefly, ever does have an amazing first season?), I still think it’s worth owning the beginning of this seminal series, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Has anyone bought season one already? What do you think of the remastered series? Is it everything you were hoping for?

    • Daniel

      Can't wait for season 2, where Riker turns into a badass.

      • It's a good thing there are no diseases in the future, otherwise Riker would have so many space STDs.

    • Gamerface82

      Go go Netflix! Only problem is you don't get the bonus material.

    • Archer

      It looks incredible. Hopefully they give the same treatment to Enterprise, a show that started slow but finished strong.

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