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[SPOILERS] You Never Want to See Rick “Crossed” – The Walking Dead Review

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 7:00 am by Amanda Andonian


After Carol’s unexpected abduction last week, it’s good to see everyone springing into action in order to save her and Beth from the clutches of Grady Hospital. Although Rick’s plan seems a little thin considering the fact that it hinges on Dawn holding up her end of the deal, storming the hospital obviously isn’t an option. We saw what their defenses looked like when Beth tried to escape, so there’s little chance that Rick and the others could sneak up on the hospital and get their people out undetected. Considering the fact that everyone views Dawn in such a bleak light, I think that Rick will have his work cut out for him in trying to negotiate with her.

Speaking of Dawn, I’m still finding it hard to understand why she’s in charge and why everyone under her command has such fear for her. We see it not only in Dr. Steve, but also in Sargent Lamson when he tells Rick that he needs to always remember who he’s talking to. It’s especially strange when Dr. Steve warns Beth that if Dawn gave her the key to the medicine cabinet, then it wasn’t out of the kindness of her heart. What kind of machinations could Dawn have up her sleeve that she would go to that length to trap Beth? If she really wanted to take down Beth, Dawn wouldn’t have to concoct something as elaborate as Beth “stealing” medicine.


Seeing Rick on the war path again was especially eye-opening. It’s not just about the fact that he feels like he owes Carol for everything she did for them, though he definitely feels that. I think that Rick now needs this in order to feel alive, in a way. I don’t mean in the sense that he enjoys the struggle, but the way that he throws himself into it with such abandon says a lot about him and how he’s dealing. When Daryl has to talk him down from killing one of the officers, you know that Rick doesn’t have it all together anymore. His ire is up, he’s tasted blood, and he’s only just barely keeping himself in check. There’s also that moment with Sgt. Lamson when Rick calls him by his rank and Lamson tells him his name is Bob.

Rick: You’re still a cop.

Lamson: No, the real ones are all gone.

Although Rick doesn’t betray anything in that moment, you have to wonder whether he hears that and thinks the same of himself. Yes, he was a cop; and yes, he did try to uphold the same morals and ethics that guided him as sheriff. However, this new world that they’re living in doesn’t really allow him to stay above the fray anymore, and he’s embraced that. Someone is threatening to eat him and his group? Better be prepared for Rick to beat your ass to death. Another guy wants to strangle Daryl to death? Here comes Rick to shoot him point-blank in the head! Rick turned a corner last season, and he’s not about to come back from there.

I was a little less interested in Abraham and how he’s dealing with the knowledge that Eugene was a liar, but it also gave the show an opportunity to delve deeper into those characters and show us who they are. Up until this point, Rosita especially hasn’t had a chance to say much, so we finally learn more about her and how she ended up in Abraham’s group. We knew Tara to an extent already, but last night’s episode showed us how she’s been dealing with her new circumstances in the “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” sort of way. Holding it all together is Glenn, and I’m always happy to see more Glenn. He takes charge of the situation rather easily, and I hope that he does that more often in future episodes. I would much rather see Glenn running things than Abraham.


On a minor note, I really like how the show is handling Sasha’s grief over Bob. So many people die throughout the course of this show, it would be very easy for them to move on and not worry about mentioning his untimely end any further. However, they manage to bring it back around in a very natural way, and it also gives Tyreese and Sasha a really sweet moment of grieving together for what they’ve both lost. Sometimes I forget that these two are siblings because they spend so little time interacting with each other, but last night’s episode was a poignant reminder of the fact that they really are family and they have each other’s backs. It also provides a rather convenient reason for Sasha letting her guard down and allowing Sgt. Lamson to escape. If I have any quibbles about this episode, it’s that I saw Lamson’s betrayal coming from a mile away. He was clearly playing her the whole time, and it’s too bad that Sasha was too grief-stricken to see that.

Finally, I don’t know what Father Gabriel’s problem is, but I really hope he gets eaten on his little adventure out in the real world. His righteousness is incredibly annoying, especially considering the fact that he allowed his parish to just die out there; and although I can admit that it’s pretty frightening to be surrounded by people who are so adept at killing, they’ve done nothing but protect and shelter him since their first encounter with him. Rick and the others could have let him die several times over by now, and yet they haven’t. The only explanation for his bizarre behavior is that he’s just so afraid of everything that he can’t deal with anything or anyone in a rational manner. He can’t even bring himself to kill a walker that’s attacked him. Definitely not someone who’s cut out for surviving. I just hope that he doesn’t end up getting the others killed somehow.

So what did you guys think of last night’s episode? We know Rick’s prisoner exchange is not going to go off without a hitch, so what’s going to happen? Tells us your theories in the comments!

“Crossed” – A

The Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 7, “Crossed,” aired on AMC November 23rd, 2014.

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