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Spike VGA 2012 Nominees and Predictions – Part 2

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm by Stephen Janes

So here we embark on part two of a lengthy process in predicting who will walk away victorious from the Spike VGA 2012 Nominees and predict who has the best chance of winning these prestigious awards. Taking place on December 7 and obviously airing on Spike Network, this award show will be the 10th anniversary of the VGA’s, the Academy Awards for gamers. You can expect to see various different installments in the next few days with different categories and predictions. In short, I will be picking a personal and a spoiler pick. The personal pick will be who I feel is the best candidate for the respective award, while the spoiler pick features the underdog with the best chance at winning.
With that being said, let’s take a look at the second bundle of categories, including Best Multiplayer game and the best game for each respective genre.

Best Shooter

Borderlands 2 [spoiler pick]
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Halo 4 [personal pick]
Max Payne 3

Halo 4 is another strong contender here for the shooter category. I would love to see Borderlands 2 take the award, but when competing against a juggernaut like Halo 4 (or even Call of Duty: Black Ops II) it sort of gets lost in the fire. I personally thought Borderlands 2 offered more entertainment but again, Halo 4 is hard to vote against.

Best Action Adventure Game

Assassin’s Creed III [personal pick]
Darksiders II
Dishonored [sleeper pick]
Sleeping Dogs

It is hard to not vote for a game that you predict to win game of the year in its respective genre. I really do like Dishonored and I definitely have not given it enough credit so far, so I predict it to come in a very close second place. It does have enough credentials to win, however, but I still see AC3 walking away with this one, despite the technical flaws that it presented.

 Best RPG

Diablo III
Mass Effect 3 [personal pick]
Torchlight II
Xenoblade Chronicles [spoiler pick]

Mass Effect 3 controversially ended the story arc of Commander Shepard, but it did so in great fashion. Despite the common complaints about the ending, it was still a roller coaster of a ride from beginning to end, filled with many different emotions and feelings. I still replay the Mass Effect franchise to this day, so I might be a bit partial here, but I still think ME3 is a great title.

Best Multi-Player Game

Borderlands 2 [personal pick]
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Guild Wars 2 [spoiler pick]
Halo 4

Last year, Portal 2 beat out Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 for this category, completely stunning everybody. I’m hoping that will continue here with Borderlands 2. Halo 4 is still a solid choice here, but I feel like Borderlands 2 offered a bit more in replay value and entertainment.

 Best Individual Sports Game

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational
SSX [personal pick]
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
WWE ’13 [spoiler pick]

Last year there were two games based on tennis in this category (both lost), now this year there are two games based on golf. Even still, only SSX and WWE ’13 seemed to have lasting impressions on consumers to me, so it’s really a competition between the two. With that being said, SSX should come out on top here.

Best Team Sports Game

FIFA Soccer 13 [personal pick]
Madden NFL 13
NBA 2K13 [spoiler pick]
NHL 13

I was really impressed with the new features in NHL 13 this year, but even more so with those implemented in FIFA Soccer 13. In addition, FIFA 13 became one of the best selling games in the United Kingdom, so that’s a great start. Last year, NBA 2K12 beat FIFA Soccer 12 however, so don’t be surprised if we see a repeat this year.  

 Best Driving Game

Dirt: Showdown
F1 2012
Forza Horizon [personal pick]
Need for Speed Most Wanted [spoiler pick]

Need for Speed Most Wanted was very impressive when it debuted at E3 last year. I do think it offers more than just driving and racing which should give it the edge here, but bottom line this is about driving, not parkour. Otherwise, Assassin’s Creed III would win. I expect Forza to take another win home here.

Best Independent Game

Dust: An Elysian Tail
Fez [spoiler pick]
Journey [personal pick]
Mark of the Ninja

Considering that Journey was nominated for game of the year, it should have no problem winning best independent game.

Best Fighting Game

Dead or Alive 5
Persona 4 Arena [spoiler pick]
Street Fighter X Tekken [personal pick]
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Street Fighter X Tekken was a strange title to release considering the crossover, but it still worked out to be a very fun (yet unique) fighting title that should win. Persona 4 Arena is very pretty to watch with its hand drawn anime style, making it stick out from the rest.

Best Downloadable Game 

Journey [spoiler pick]
Sound Shapes
The Walking Dead: The Game [personal pick]

This really comes down to The Walking Dead and Journey. I think The Walking Dead was a more interesting experience, but Journey was too polished and beautiful to forget.

Best Social Game

Draw Something [personal pick]
Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Simcity Social
You Don’t Know Jack [spoiler pick]

How many of you Geeks have played these games? Chances are, you have only played Draw Something, like myself. I rarely heard anybody talking about the other titles as constantly as we were talking about Draw Something.

Stay tuned for future installments for the Spike 2012 VGA Nominees and Predictions. We covered the different genre’s and the games that go with them. Our next and final installment we will cover some more of the technical nominations, such as Best DLC, Best Adapted Game, Best Soundtrack and Character of the Year.

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