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Spider-Man Plans Unveiled in SSM #13 Letters Page

Posted on July 11, 2013 at 7:33 am by Tyler Waterman

Sometimes, comic news comes from unexpected sources. While Spider-Man news has been plentiful during “Superior Spider-Month,” some of the most interesting details come to us in the letters page of yesterday’s Superior Spider-Man #13.

About a week ago it was reported that David Morrell, the legendary action and espionage author who created Rambo, had tweeted he was involved in an upcoming comic called Peter Parker: Spider-Man. Speculation ran rampant that Peter was coming back to his body, and that the end of the Superior-era was imminent.

Well, so much for that! According to editor Steve Wacker, that’s not exactly what’s happening.


So we will in fact get to see Peter as Spider-Man again, but it doesn’t mean Ock is out as the current webhead. However, Morrell is a fantastic author, and it should be fun getting some classic friendly-neighborhood-Spider-Man-ing again.

Another cool detail also came from this week’s letters page. Remember Stunner, the massively strong supervillain who was madly in love with Doc Ock? She’s coming back, and as you can imagine, she’s none too pleased with the Spider-Man that she thinks killed her boo. You can also tell she’s not pleased because she’s going to crush him with a car in this sneak peek of the cover to issue #21.


So what have you learned today, kids? Don’t disregard the letters page, you never know what gems you may discover!

Sources: Superior Spider-Man #13, Bleeding Cool

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