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SOPRANOS Creator Finally Answers the Question “Did Tony Die in the Finale?”

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 11:42 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


It took seven years and the death of the beloved James Gandolfini, but we finally have an answer to the question that irked so many of us that Sunday night in 2007. Did Tony Soprano die at the end of the series. You can check out the scene in question below, but basically we got a delightfully uncomfortable scene in which every sound or movement made us think that the popular mob boss was going to get whacked, and then blackness and silence.

When it first aired I was furious. I remember hearing tales that some people thought their cable went out at the precise moment of closure.  Over the years my fury has ebbed, but I have never been satisfied by the ambiguous conclusion the show left on, and I was

The Sopranosdefinitely not alone. Plus the entire last season was a pretty big let down, and that’s judging it against the merits of those awful Tony in a coma episodes the season before.

Vox point-blank asked creator David Chase if Tony was dead.  “No,” Chase answered.  “No he isn’t.”  This has been my reading of the ending for quite sometime, though I can’t claim I was positive that I was correct.  Rather, it was my preferred ending.  To me much of The Sopranos was about the banality of evil, and I saw the ending as an indicator that Tony’s life would continue on in just as banal a fashion as it always had, regardless of the many bad deeds he had committed.

I recommend reading that entire Vox piece by the way.  It’s a fascinating profile on David Chase and I think you can find the answer as to why he ended the show the way he did in the psychology of the man himself.

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