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Sony May Ditch DualShock Design on PS4

Posted on January 18, 2013 at 1:46 pm by Justin Cavender


NOOOOOOO! An unnamed source spoke with CVG, and apparently the new controller has undergone several design changes, most of which hardly resemble the DualShock. According to their source, versions of the new PS4 controller include biometric sensors and an LCD touch screen.

A second source claims Sony is trying to emulate the same UI philosophies as the PS Vita, which is what inspired the touch screen. I’m sure Nintendo fans would argue the source behind Sony’s inspiration.

At this point it’s still early to get upset about the idea of the DualShock controller going away. Remember when the PS3 controllers were first introduced and we saw giant silver boomerangs? Those controllers lasted all of two seconds before Sony went back to the well. I would venture to guess after 16 wonderful years, the DualShock design is here to stay. At least on some level of an alternate controller choice similar to the Wii U and Wiimotes.

Earlier this week during our Geek Legacy Podcast, we discussed the PS4 and Xbox 720 rumor mill. David brought up the Wii U gamepad and was curious to see if both Sony and Microsoft would find a way to emulate Nintendo’s design. Rumors suggest both Sony and Microsoft will make their next-gen announcements at the Game Developers Conference in March.

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    • I'm sure Sony will go back to the Dualshock style. Why change what has been working since day one?

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