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Sons of Anarchy: Wolfsangel Review [SPOILERS]

Posted on October 3, 2013 at 11:51 am by Jennifer Langdon

SoA Season 6, Episode 4 Jax and Tig

Last week on Sons of Anarchy we were left with two major cliff hangers. We had Scumbag Former US Marshal Lee Toric planting evidence in Nero’s truck of the murder of an escort. The murder was actually committed by Toric and he is now going to use it to help bring down the MC. The other major cliff hanger was Tig waiting in the warehouse for a MC delivery only to be surprised by August Marks and some of Pope’s hoods.

WARNING, spoilers ahead! Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happened. You’ve been warned.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Tig! What? Yep, Tig! Everyone can breathe easy, Tig lives! Tig showed up in the early morning hours at Jax’s place to deliver a message to have Jax meet up with August. August tells Jax that he let Tig go because it “wasn’t his time”, it was time to see how loyal Jax was to his debt he still owed to Pope. August tells Jax if he can get the Irish to use Marks Enterprises to run guns, then Tig’s debt will be considered paid.

SoA Season 6, Episode 4 Phil and V-linSo, it wasn’t Tig’s time to go, but Wolfsagel was by far one of the bloodiest, most violent episodes of Sons of Anarchy in a while. Sutter made it clear that no one is safe in this show. We had to say goodbye to Phil and V-lin last night. The Irish killed them and left their bodies along with the guns that Jax was trying to get out of selling. This was Gaalen’s way of telling the MC they weren’t getting out of the gun trade anytime soon.

As I stated, no one is safe on this show, and to prove it we also finally said goodbye to Otto. Otto has been a main character on the show since the beginning. As peripheral as his appearance has been, he’s managed to give up his sight, his tongue, and ultimately his life for the MC. I thought it was perfectly fitting for him to be the one to take out former US Marshal Lee Toric. Goodbye Sir, you will not be missed! But how surprised were you that our number one antagonist went out so early on in the season? When Clay passed Otto the shiv and he didn’t use it on himself when he was left alone, I knew he was going to make one more sacrifice for the club and viciously murder Toric. For Otto to go out brutally seemed appropriate for the lifestyle he had led before and during his jail sentence.

Former US Marshal Lee Toric is gone but he didn’t leave without starting a shit storm for Nero and the MC. Thankfully Sheriff Roosevelt isn’t a complete moron and realizes that the evidence appears to have been planted there. He’s even smart enough to make the leap that it was Toric who planted it.

All this is fun and dandy, but that leads us to our newest plot twist! Three hooded jerks attacked Unser and cut a swastika into his chest. The attack on Unser wasn’t by Darby it was a retaliatory attack on the club for Clay shiving a skin head in jail. So, Darby is back! Yay! Only it’s not what we think, Darby is a good guy this time around. What? Yea, we actually like this new and improved, more open minded Darby. So, what does the MC do with this new and improved Darby? They drag him back into the thug life. Darn.

SoA Season 6, Episode 4 JaxThis leads to a way of Jax getting out from under the Irish. He decides to take the MC out to the neo-nazi’s place and kill them all. After they take them all out, he plants the Irish’s guns there and burns the place down. Just like that, Irish problem temporarily removed. However, that brings Tig’s problem back! Oops, wonder what Jax is going to tell August? Sorry dude? I’m not sure that’s going to work with August. But Jax is always full of surprises. He’ll find another way to keep Tig alive for another day. Maybe. Needless to say, Jax is having a hard time keeping his shit together. His MC is still falling apart and his domestic life doesn’t look any better.

I was right about Terra and Wendy being in cahoots. Sutter wants us to think they’re going after the MC. I think the two are conspiring against Gemma. They both hate Gemma with a vengeance and have every right to. Remember in the first episode where Gemma gave Wendy a syringe full of drugs while she was in the hospital withdrawing. Gemma is a cold hearted bitch. And Gemma told Terra that the only way she was taking the boys out of Charming is if Gemma was gone, well, here’s her chance!

The episode ended with the MC having a funeral for Dirty Phil and V-lin. The look on Jax’s face is sad, and angry. You can see that he’s had enough, it’s written all over his face. We got a look at Terra’s new unlikely alliance with Unser and I got the feeling that Terra thinks things are finally going her way. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

I give this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, Worlfsangel an A+

Sons of Anarchy: “Wolfsangel” aired October 1, 2013 on FX

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    • Renee

      I agree with you, but I thought they way they showed Tig was alive was a bit of a let down. I would have liked to see what happened.

      • Jennifer

        I think Sutter did that on purpose. He wanted the audience to be shocked that Tig lived another day. When it is Tig’s time to go, we’ll definitely see it! My guess is that all 5 remaining SAMCRO members will be dead before the series ends. I really hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see it playing out much differently.

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