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Sons of Anarchy: Poenitentia Review [Spoilers]

Posted on September 26, 2013 at 3:04 pm by Jennifer Langdon

Sons of Anarchy Poenitentia

I love Sons of Anarchy. I’ve loved it ever since the very first episode. I love all the lying, cheating, murdering, gun dealing, drug trafficking, vigilantes on this show. I also hate it for the same reason. Every week, year after year, Sutter has me rooting for the bad guys. Just when I start to realize how bizarre and twisted it is to be on the bad guys’ side, he throws in a “good guy” who just happens to be worse! Enter this season’s antagonist, former US Marshal Lee Toric.

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this if you don’t want to know what happens. You’ve been warned.

Lee Toric is trying to break up the MC and put them in prison for the murder of his sister. It looks like former US Marshal Lee Toric will do so at any cost. In the first two episodes we’ve seen Toric shoot-up drugs, have Otto raped daily in prison, offer Clay protection in prison to turn on the MC, and forge Clay’s signature. This week in “poenitentia” he accidentally shot a woman, then 30 seconds later murdered her to save his own ass, and lastly planted evidence of the murder in Nero’s truck. Yea, he’s a real standup guy. Thanks for a “good guy” Sutter.

Toric leads me to Clay. Do we really think that Toric thought he could convince Clay, a Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original, to turn on the club? I certainly don’t, but I was very excited by the one-on-one between Clay and Jax. Why did Clay really want to see Jax if he wasn’t really going to rat? I’m guessing Clay honestly thought he was going to die. But once again, Jax “has to keep Clay alive for the good of the club.” I feel like Jax has been saying this for years. This time he’s using Clay to get out from under the Irish. Last time it was to get out from under Pope. Amazing how King Pope can be dead and still be causing so much havoc to the MC. But how amazing was the speech from Jax to Toric? Toric is the only straight forward character in the show. We know his motive, revenge. This scene has Jax being straight forward. Usually we have no idea what’s going on in Jax’s head.

SoA Season 6, Episode 3 Jax and LeeThis season Jax is a hot mess. His Old Lady is knocked up, and about to serve time in prison. His MC is falling apart. He can’t get rid of Clay, so how does he solve the Clay problem? He gives Tig the kiss of death. When I saw that, I immediately knew, uh oh, Tig’s FINALLY going down for killing Pope’s daughter, which consequently got Opie killed. So, when August pulled up it was quite predictable what was going to happen next. Bye, Bye Tig, hello weekly cliff hanger.

I think it’s funny that Terra is always off going to the doctor or running some mundane errand. I think she’s really in cahoots with Wendy. It just seems way too obvious that Wendy would know exactly what angle to take to get Gemma to help her. Obviously Terra fed her all the information she needed to get Gemma to take Wendy in. I wasn’t a bit surprised to see that Wendy made the whole story up. I’m not even 100% convinced Terra is even really pregnant. Why would she ask her boss for a pregnancy test? I think she was asking for positive results of a pregnancy test. But now that we have that all figured out, what’s the end game?

Over all I think this week’s episode was great! We got a few plot twists. We saw some fun stuff like Charlie cutting that dude’s throat on the boat. We are probably going to say goodbye to another likable, but horrible character. We have the past coming back and biting everyone in the ass. And we have the future of the club and President Jax looking grimmer. Can’t wait for next week!

I give “Poenitientia” a solid A!

Sons of Anarchy: “Poenitientia” aired September 24 on FX.

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    • Marcy Kovacevich

      Great review! I LOVE and HATE this show for similar reasons. I hate rooting for the bad guys but the character development is so good. Toric is such a creep and I can’t wait to find out what Terra and Wendy are up to.

      • Jennifer

        Thanks! The character development is great! I think that’s why we come back week after week. We want to see what these guys are going to do next.

    • Sarah Haston

      Such a crazy show! It is always so intense that I get nervous! Really enjoyed the review-

      • Jennifer

        Thanks! Its intensity is what makes it extra RAD!

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