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Sons of Anarchy: The Mad King Review [SPOILERS]

Posted on October 10, 2013 at 3:38 pm by Jennifer Langdon

SoA The Mad King 1

This week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, “The Mad King” was the perfect way to set up the rest of the season. We have a very obvious new villain to hate, we are feeling sorry for Gemma again, we’re starting to care a little bit more for Tara (notice I said little bit, she drives me NUTS), we see Jax losing more control of his club and his personal life, we see Chibs take a stand, we have Clay being less Clay, and lastly we still don’t care about Bobby.

SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

Ok, so how badass was the montage at the beginning of this episode? It was perfect! It had me thinking, “uh oh, who’s gonna get it now?” The glances between bros really had me wondering, which one of these guys is going to die this week? Honestly, I’m just not ready to lose another member of my favorite MC! Then there was Gemma tucking everyone in tight to the clubhouse since they’re still on lockdown. We also see Nero exasperated and placing a gun on the coffee table. All this while Sheriff Roosevelt is looking through the crime scene photos of Otto and Torric. It was another great Sons of Anarchy montage.

There were two major scenes in “The Mad King” episode that actually had me choked up and nearly brought tears to my eyes. The first was when Gemma bought time with Clay for a “conjugal” visit so he could pass the Irish news on to her and back to Jax. When she tried to leave and those guards forced her to have sex with Clay while they watched, I was like, W.T.F. What’s wrong with these two dudes? Ugh. It was so sad because here were Clay and Gemma having this very intimate moment but it wasn’t about the sex, it was obvious that they were sorry. There was empathy between them that we have never seen before. It had me saying, “awe, poor Gemma” again. Damn.

SoA The Mad King 2I’ll wait before I get to the second major scene because it’s quite a doozy! But one of my favorite scenes was when Chibs and Jax stepped outside so Chibs could tell Jax about his and Gemma’s trip to see Clay and he punched the crap out of Jax! I was so happy that someone was finally trying to knock some sense into this guy! About damn time. Chibs was so angry that Jax didn’t come to the table with the idea of having August Marks take over the gun run from the Irish. Chibs knew it was a bad idea, he even knew that the Irish racism is stronger than their greed. Hearing Chibs ask Jax if he trusts him, or any of them really made me think that Jax is starting to see the error in his ways. When Jax called the Irish Kings back they sounded amicable. They agreed to have a conversation at 8:00 that night to discuss the arrangements. At this point I was like, OK, so at 8:00 tonight the Irish are going to go shoot up the MC.

Meanwhile back at the hospital that Tara doesn’t work at anymore but still manages to hang out at every day, Wendy starts freaking out and having second thoughts about screwing over Gemma. Thankfully Tara is better at manipulating Wendy than Gemma is and easily sways her back over to the Tara side. I guess when trying to decide who should take your kids, your husband’s ex-junkie ex-wife is a better idea than your husband’s lying, manipulative mother is? I don’t know, I’m still confused over that decision. I mean, I understand wanting to get the kids away from the club, but Wendy? Really? She has no friends? I hate Tara, she’s an idiot. She put herself in this situation and now she’s making desperate and stupid decisions. Sorry Sutter, you can’t make me feel sorry for her.

How shocked were you that Clay didn’t immediately say yes to the Irish but instead told SAMCRO what was going on? I think I like this new, modest Clay. I guess it’s a good way for Sutter to justify keeping him alive still. Because honestly, I can’t think of a good reason to let him live. He’s a very bad man.

SoA The Mad King 3So, Jax’s plan to give the gun business to August Marks literally blew up in his face. We kind of saw it coming, although I thought they were going to shoot up the club with the KG-9’s to prove a point. But we were able to see Gaalen at the King’s table and hear his speech about his proposition for Clay. We were privy to information that Jax wasn’t. But a few things went on in those 2 minutes before 8:00. We saw Chibs in his protective roll of VP as he stayed back to make sure Jax and Abel got out. We saw Jax’s leadership skills rise to the occasion along with his parental instinct to haul ass and get his son out of there. The thing I just couldn’t believe was how he was able to discover the bomb based on finding a pen. I mean really? This dude can’t even see that his wife is pulling herself and the kids away from him, but he can see a pen and think, huh? Where’d this come from? BOMB! Just seems a bit farfetched.

Watching the clubhouse blowup and burn down was rough. The camera angle was from the point of view of the people who were just inside of it. I got all choked up and immediately thought, damn Sutter, damn you.

The Mad King: A

Sons of Anarchy: “The Mad King” aired October 8, 2013 on FX

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    • KCarr

      I, too, was really glad Chibs stood up to Jax. I’m getting tired of him [Jax] trying to run the whole club by himself. In a sense, it was a relief that it came out and Jax was put in his place. Now, I hope Tig figures out what’s been going on as well. I thought it was pretty crappy that Jax set him up with August in the last episode.

      • Jennifer

        Ha! Seriously? Tig deserves it. Tig is the reason Opie is dead. Don’t get me wrong, Tig is a very interesting and fun character, but he’s a liability and has been from the beginning.

        But Amen on Chibs calling out Jax. About time.

    • Renee

      This whole thing with Tara and Wendy is just beyond belief. That Wendy can find her anytime she wants, at a hospital she no longer works at is driving me nuts. I too thought the Irish would go in at 8:00 and shoot them, the bomb from the pen was so far-fetched. But I agree, I also feel sorry for Gemma again, and I am glad that Chibs stood up to Jax. This episode left me waiting in anticipation for next week.

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