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Sneak Peek: What If? Avengers vs. X-Men

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 7:36 am by Tyler Waterman

The What If? series of comics is easily one of the no-longer-running Marvel titles that I miss the most. The cool alternate reality takes on classic Marvel stories and characters was always fun to read, and often left you wishing the alternative tale was the actual result.

While What If? isn’t a monthly comic anymore, it hasn’t been forgotten by Marvel, and this July we’ll all be getting a special 4-part What If? tale focused on one of the biggest and best Marvel events of all time: Avengers vs. X-Men.

This retelling of the storyline promises to be massive, and given the not-canon nature of What If?, the gloves are definitely off. According to an interview with writer Jimmy Palmiotti, the action promises to be over the top, and the deaths promise to pile up quick.

“People are going to hate how some of their favorites meet their end,” says Palmiotti. “These things happen. We shot for madness here folks. We created a series that you can absorb weekly and talk about. Think “Game of Thrones,” but with super heroes. No one is safe.”

Check out the preview images below, and get ready to revisit AvX this July!


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