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Sneak Peek: Vibe #10

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 10:15 am by Tyler Waterman

One of the best parts about the New 52 was its ability to bring old characters back into the limelight with what was essentially a fresh coat of paint. Characters that were long considered lame or simply gone can now come back with a new beginning, and many of them benefited greatly from it.

Vibe is not one of those characters.

While my hat goes off to DC for giving it the ol’ college try, some characters will never be able to rise above the negative connotations associated with them. While the New 52 Vibe wasn’t the unlikable and downright racist character of old, he still wasn’t putting any reader’s butts in the seats. With a lame costume, lame powers, and a sad association with a JLA team that still hasn’t taken off, this title seemed doomed to fail before it even began.

And doomed it was, as this week’s Vibe #10 marks the final issue of the now-cancelled series. This was a cancellation that everyone knew was coming; nothing against any of creators involved, but even Geoff Johns himself simply couldn’t make this character cool. There’s just nothing cool at all about Vibe.

Check out the preview for the final issue below, and say goodbye to a “hero” that we probably shouldn’t have had to say hi to again in the first place.

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