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Sneak Peek: Pair of Infinity Covers Gives Mixed Messages

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 7:06 am by Tyler Waterman

Marvel has released two covers tied to the upcoming Infinity event, but they’ve left me scratching my head a bit. Infinity, the summer spectacular that assembles the most popular Marvel team to stem the destructive tide of the Builders and Thanos, clearly brings our heroes out into space. What’s less clear is how well they’ll fare in the great beyond.

According to this variant cover for Infinity #1, drawn by Art Adams, the Avengers will bravely float in the vacuum to defend us. However, according to the cover of Infinity tie-in Avengers Assemble #18, they’ll promptly remember there is no air in space and immediately die.

Are things just going badly for Spider-Woman, or is the ending of Infinity going to be reminiscent of that scene from Total Recall? We’ll all find out this summer when we get our ass to space, but for now, we can look at these covers and theorize!

Source: CBR



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