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Sneak Peek: Nixon’s Pals (Full Color Edition)

Posted on February 12, 2015 at 7:29 am by Tyler Waterman

There are lots of team-ups in comics, but some pairings have a special magic to them. Spider-Man and Wolverine, Batman and Superman, Green Arrow and Green Lantern… team-ups like these just have that certain something that leaves no question you’re going to have a good time. The same is true of comic creators, and Joe Casey and Chris Burnham are a fantastic example. The books they work on together have that exact same magic, and are always fun to read.

This March, Image is releasing a hardcover collection of Nixon’s Pals, the first collaboration between the two. This re-release also brings Carlos Badilla into the mix, adding color to the story for the first time. Whether you missed out on Nixon’s Pals, or if you’re a fan looking to own the definitive version, make sure you grab your copy next month!

Graphic novel by Casey and Burnham gets new hardcover edition


Image Comics and Man of Action Entertainment are pleased to announce a new, full-color hardcover edition of NIXON’S PALS, the political superhero send-up graphic novel by OFFICER DOWNE collaborators Joe Casey (SEX, THE BOUNCE) and Chris Burnham (NAMELESS; Batman, Incorporated).

Nixon Cooper is parole officer to Los Angeles County’s large population of super-villains, which could be the world’s most thankless job. But somehow, Nixon cares — maybe a little too much. His marriage is falling apart, he got clobbered by an industrial waste mutant, and he has inappropriate feelings for one of his parolees (a superpowered stripper with talking breasts). To top it all off, he’s having really weird dreams about space that he just knows mean something — but does he really want to get pulled deeper into the lives of people he just wants to keep out of trouble?

“This book holds a special place in my heart, because it’s where the Casey/Burnham romance first blossomed,” said writer Casey. “You can feel the love in the work itself… and the new coloring just brings it out that much more. Thankfully, the story still holds up and it’s fun to see how Burnham was nailing it right off the bat.”

“Almost seven years after it first came out, Nixon’s Pals is still one of my all-time favorites,” said artist Burnham. “It’s one of the best things Joe has ever written, and it still feels like me at my most unleashed. It bounces back and forth between every genre from sci-fi to noir to superhero to horror to romance, and is absolutely cram-packed with the craziest stuff that we could think of. I’m super excited for the fans I’ve made over the last few years to see this hard-to-find gem for the first time, and especially grateful that the amazing colors of Carlos Badilla are here to really make my linework sing.”

In addition to the dynamic new colors by Badilla, this hardcover edition of NIXON’S PALS includes pin-up art by Nathan Fairbairn (Multiversity ;Batman, Incorporated), Jenny Frison (REVIVAL), Rob Guillory (CHEW), Matt Horak (The Covenant, Amazing Forest), Daniel Warren Johnson (Space-Mullet), Jason Masters (Guardians of the Galaxy, Batwoman), Dean Trippe (Something Terrible), Buster Moody (Task Force Rad Squad), Tradd Moore (LUTHER STRODE, Secret Avengers), Rod Reis (C.O.W.L.), and Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight).

NIXON’S PALS follows Nixon on a perverse journey of discovery, ultra-violence, and new beginnings. It will be in in comic book stores on March 18 and in bookstores on March 31 and is available now for pre-order.


NIXON’S PALS by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham (colors by Carlos Badilla)
ISBN 978-1-63215-303-6
Diamond Comic order code JAN150643
120 pages, hardcover, full color
Rated Mature
In comic book stores March 18, bookstores March 31

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