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Sneak Peek: New 52 Futures End #37

Posted on January 13, 2015 at 2:00 pm by Tyler Waterman

The end is coming fast for New 52 Futures End, and it’s not going to be pretty! Take a look at this preview for New 52 Futures End #37, out tomorrow!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

FUTEND_Cv37_ds_54b053aec0ac69.37439844 FUTEND_37_1_54b053acddf933.66045390 FUTEND_37_2_54b053aa7121a2.79400996 FUTEND_37_3_54b053aa05c906.86415406 FUTEND_37_4_54b053a77651c2.46543919 FUTEND_37_5_54b053a8a7c3e4.04592484

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