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Sneak Peek: Larfleeze #1

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 8:53 am by Joe Blakeslee

Larfleeze hates sharing. So knowing him he must have hated sharing the pages of the recently cancelled Threshold as a mere back-up story. But starting on June 26th he’s going to have a book all to himself, and according to co-writers (Larfleeze would hate that) J.M. DeMatties and Keith Giffen he’s not going to want to share.

“We’re taking LARFLEEZE off to the farthest edges of the DCU and our plan is to go full out Kirby Kosmic, while, of course, layering our brand of demented humor on top of that…” DeMatteis told COMICOSITY in a recent interview. “…our intention is to introduce new characters, not depend on pre-existing ones.”

Larfleeze has always been one of the more mysterious characters to come out of Geoff Johns recently ended run on Green Lantern, with little of his past being revealed because frankly, he’s not going to share it with anyone. So it should be interesting to find out more about Agent Orange when Larfleeze #1 hits with art by Scott Kolins.





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