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Sneak Peek: Justice League 3000 #3

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 9:29 am by Tyler Waterman

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that comic books are supposed to be fun. Between comics getting darker and more mature, and controversial decisions made by publishers that can alienate some fans, often times the world of comics seems anything but comical.

Justice League 3000 does not suffer from this problem.

Set in the far future, the book focuses on a new Justice League composed of clones of the biggest names in JL history. But, as is often the case, cloning isn’t a perfect science, and these Justice Leaguers share little in common with those they were cloned from. They may have the powers, but the personalities are very different, and the ensuing turmoil that causes has been  a joy to read.

Below is a look at issue 3, and it doesn’t look like the fun is fading anytime soon. If you skipped this book, be sure to give it a shot, and put some fun back into your pull list!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog








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