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Sneak Peek: Justice League 3000 #1

Posted on November 19, 2013 at 2:38 pm by Tyler Waterman

If there’s anything DC does well, it’s going into the future. Whether it be their excellent Beyond titles, or their long lineage of great set-in-the-future storylines (Kingdom Come comes to mind), DC has always had a talent for showing us what could become of our favorite heroes.

Come December 11th, they’re doing it all over again, with the upcoming Justice League 3000. Set in a dystopian future, the book will focus on what artist Howard Porter called “the  Justice League’s big five” (sorry Aquaman and Cyborg), and will be the heroes we know, but changed with the time.

“[T]hey had to look a little bit different because of the setting. It was tricky to do the designs, because they still had to be recognizable. You still had to be able to tell who they were, but you had to be able to tell something was off. There was more direction on the individual characters, but some of the choices that I made in the original designs, if I tell you why… it would probably give away some of the surprises,” said Porter.

I’m always interested in alternate takes on my favorite heroes, so I’m definitely grabbing this book next month. Check out the preview images below; I bet you’ll be sold too!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog





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